The Magic of Lake Maggiore

Published 8 years ago

Lake Maggiore or Lago Maggiore is a lake that can be found hugging the rocky face of the Southern Alps. Measuring 64.37 kilometres in length, the lake is shared between Italy’s Piedmont and Lombardy regions, and Switzerland’s Ticino canton.

Basking in the sun in the Borromean islands

Three small islands and two islets make up the Borromean Islands. Located in the western arm of the lake, this is a must-visit on your Lake Maggiore travel planner. Isola Bella, the most famed among the islands, is known for the Palazzo Borromeo (which has played host to Napoleon and his wife) with its verdant terraced gardens.

As you make your way through the 10-tier terraced gardens, one of the finest examples of Italian landscaping, don’t be surprised if you bump into one of the many peacocks that strut about. The palace is also home to many paintings and tapestries, and even a wooden model of the palace and islands, that is over two centuries old.

Step it up to Santa Caterina del Sasso

Perched on a ridge on the south-eastern shore of Lake Maggiore is Santa Caterina del Sasso, a monastery which was founded by Dominican friars in the 13th century. While some of the buildings came up in the 13th and 14th century, the frescos which make for a splendid sight, date to the 19th century.

The tiny courtyards in the monastery offer a stunning view of the lake and the mountains making it a definitive feature in your Lake Maggiore trip planner. The monastery is accessible by climbing up 80 steps from the Santa Caterina ferry or by lift from the car park. The more adventurous, of course, choose to walk down the 268-step staircase from the car park.

Go golfing

The golf courses around Lake Maggiore are a modern golfer’s paradise. With scenic vistas of the greens, sometimes flanked by mountains, sometimes overlooking them, they make for the perfect golfing holiday. Some of the courses also offer a stupendous view of the lake, and the neighbouring towns. Once cannot ask for a prettier destination to play a few rounds of golf.

Water sporting wonders

There’s plenty in store for those who are water enthusiasts. Water skiing, sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, you name it, and you will find what you are looking for. You could even rent a boat from the many boat clubs around the lake, and sail out into the blue waters. If you happen to be there around the end of August, you could also participate in the Cross Lake Swim alongside 1,000 other swimmers!

Town hopping along the banks

There are over 20 little towns and villages on the banks of Lake Maggiore. There’s nothing like getting a taste of local life, than by spending a couple of days hopping between them. Find yourself a cosy little bed and breakfast, and set out to explore the neighbourhood. You could perhaps even hop on a boat and get ferried across to the opposite bank of the lake.

Some notable towns which should feature in your itinerary planner include Stresa, Intra, Ascona, and Locarno.

Boasting of pleasant Mediterranean weather almost throughout the year, Lake Maggiore is one of Europe’s most visited destinations, and rightly so!

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