The Ramen Sticker, the best conversation starter for anyone

Published 8 years ago

The Ramen Sticker is not only a sticker for ramen lovers to express how much they love to eat ramen, it motivates connections between people and encourages conversations that can potentially lead to friendship.

After designing for two ramen posters, I started to make ramen stickers with my own sticker machine. I usually use them on my personal belongings like notebook cover and back of the phone. One time, I was using my phone at the subway station. A girl standing next to me saw my ramen sticker at the back of my phone. She came up to me and we actually started talking about ramen, where’s our favorite ramen shops, and so on. We eventually became friends and realized we have a few mutual friends as well.

What I learn was The Ramen Sticker is not only an expression of how much I love ramen, it is a conversation starter that connects people to a common interest, ramen. There are unlimited ways to use these tasty stickers. It encourages individuals to be confident with what they love and the sticker will definitely attract the right crowd.

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