Cute Predators VS Used-To-Be-Cute Prey

Published 9 years ago

People revere nature forgetting that it can get pretty gruesome. Alex ‘alexmdc’ Solis is making the ciiircle of liiife cuter with his ‘Predator & Prey’ series. These small drawings depict carnivores with prey in jaws/beaks. You have never seen anything happier about getting eaten outside animated cheese in a commercial. How disturbingly quirky!

Solis is originally from Mexico, but grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Discovering his drawing talent at an early age, he has worked with such names as Marvel and Sony. He’s currently one of the most successful artists on Threadless, the online T-shirt store.

Solis also wants his kids to be meaningfully involved in his work. For example, these sign language illustrations were done in collaboration with his daughter.

More info: | deviantart | instagram | society6

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