The Romantic City Agra

Published 8 years ago

With one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Agra city is the most historical place in India. Apart from the famous Taj Mahal, this city is famous for other attractions as well. Some of them are listed below. Once you read them, you will surely be excited to visit this place and have the experience of reliving the history of India again.

Taj Mahal – Needless to mention, this is one of the most romantic places in the world. Built by the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan in love for his wife Mumtaz Mahal, it is an ode to love. Taj Mahal was built in 1630 AD. Completely made of white marble, it took 22 years and 20000 workers to complete to built this epic love tomb. This is one place that is not missed by any of the travellers visiting to India. During the full moon nights, you can have a mesmerising view of this monument.

The Agra Fort – Agra Fort was the home for Mughal Emperor Akbar when he decided to shift his base from Delhi. One of the finest arts of Mughal Empire, this place has many stories to tell. In this one fort, you can find other buildings as well like a mosque, public and private courtyards.

Old City – If you want to experience the real traditions and culture of Agra, this place should not be missed. Situated behind the well known Jama-Masjid, is full of narrow lanes and stalls from where you can by different artefacts. The miniatures of Taj Mahal are a must buy.

Mahtab Bagh – Other than visiting Taj Mahal itself, you can have a spectacular view of this famous monument across the river bank. Built in 25 acres of land, this garden is right opposite Taj Mahal. Mahtab Bagh is also known as the Moonlight Garden. It was lost in the mud but was reconstructed in 1990.

Fatehpur Sikri – This place is not located within the city but is situated away from the city. It would take an hour drive to visit this place. It is one of the most historical cities of India but is a deserted city now. The irony is, this place had a Jal Mahal and Baoli during 1527 and now is abandoned due to scarcity of water.

Taj Nature Walk – Taj Mahal being the most popular destinations of Agra, everything in this city is built to view this monument. Surrounded by nature, you can view forts and monuments in a different hue altogether.

But visiting any city does not just mean visiting the monuments. The real life and energy of the city lies on the streets, markets and local crowds of the place. If you want to taste the real essence of the city, you must take a walk around the city. Eat the local delicacies and shop from the local markets.

So, why wait more? It would only take a day or two to fathom the real spirit of Agra. If you are travelling by train, then do not forget to book you train food parcel as well. It is a lifetime experience for anyone who visits this place.

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