25 Characteristics Of Poorer Nations That Are Much Better Than Rich Ones

Published 6 months ago

In the vast realm of Reddit, a platform known for its diverse user base and open discussions, a thought-provoking question recently emerged: “What do poor countries do better than rich countries?” This query sparked a lively conversation, attracting responses from individuals around the globe who shared unique perspectives on the strengths and virtues of less affluent nations.

Let’s delve into some of the intriguing insights shared by Redditors on what poor countries seem to excel at compared to their wealthier counterparts.

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Image source: hernan_782, Boca Dorada (not the actual photo)

Not letting any food go to waste


Image source: CompetitiveAnt2609, Alvaro Camacho (not the actual photo)

They seem to have a better sense of community


Image source: wromit, sagar sintan (not the actual photo)

Social contact. The first thing my relatives from India observe when they visit our suburban texas home is where are all the people?! Hundreds of massive homes and hardly any people seen outside.

Also, noise. Asked the visiting relative the next morning if they slept okay, they responded, “No.” I asked why? And they said it was too eerily quiet! [:facepalm:]


Image source: ALiteralSentientTank, RDNE Stock project (not the actual photo)

Family bonds.

The western world is so full of depressed, lonely people because it’s so focused on ‘the grind’ and comparing oneself to everyone else.

Poorer people often have close family ties, probably out of necessity, and a much stronger sense of community.


Image source: VisualVolume7499, cottonbro studio (not the actual photo)

Way more resourceful with what they have


Image source: long-da-schlong, Pixabay (not the actual photo)

Being happy with less


Image source: Taman_Should, Jacob Riesel (not the actual photo)

Street food, street markets, and public spaces.


Image source: fastfrank001, Erik (HASH) Hersman (not the actual photo)

Reuse things.

So many things get fixed, recycled and repurposed.


Image source: WolvoNeil, Quang Nguyen Vinh (not the actual photo)

Food, almost every ‘poor’ country (not a phrase i like) i’ve visited has had a far healthier relationship with their food, not just the quality of the food but also the way they treat meal times, even though many people have less food.

Its generalising but in poorer countries food is much more communual, the quality of the raw ingredients is far better, the time taken to prepare meals is different etc.

Obviously in some richer countries like France/Spain/Italy they also have a good food culture.

But if you look at places like the UK/US the quality of the food has deterioriated so badly over the last 50 years, people see eating meals as a chore to grind out and they want the least hassle highest fat/sugar/carb options they can get.

I’ve been to India, parts of the Middle East, parts of South America and their relationship with food is just completely different to how things are in the UK


Image source: bytebrainiac, Ketut Subiyanto (not the actual photo)

Problem solving capabilities with less resource. Creative work


Image source: miss_leopops, RDNE Stock project (not the actual photo)

Flexibility and resilience.
People in rich countries like to plan and anticipate. They are organized. It’s great when everything goes according to plan but all hell breaks loose when things go haywire.
People in poor countries are better at dealing with uncertainty.


Image source: growsonwalls, Matthias Zomer (not the actual photo)

Care of the elderly and mentally ill. In poor countries families consider I a responsibility.


Image source: SWOUnderTheHill, anouar olh (not the actual photo)

Focus on the here and now.


Image source: TimMartinsPUBchaun, Joy Anne Pura (not the actual photo)



Image source: bigwidefrog, theamaria (not the actual photo)

Work as a community.


Image source: prodigy1367, Andrea Piacquadio (not the actual photo)

Speaking as an American, healthcare.

My gf had to fly to a third world country to get dental care for a fraction of the cost and the same quality of care. Her dentist here even admitted the work was very well done. That’s pretty sad that people have to resort to these things.

Edit: Country was Ecuador.


Image source: Necessary-Big4263, RDNE Stock project (not the actual photo)

People take care of each other


Image source: ClavicusLittleGift4U, Loïc Manegarium (not the actual photo)

Ironically, a far lesser carbon footprint.


Image source: skyfishgoo, hitesh choudhary (not the actual photo)


live with less.

learn to make do.

and ultimately, survive.

rich countries are going to have it the hardest when the supply chains fail.


Image source: enzo-volvo, Clayton Parker (not the actual photo)

Repairing cars. I’ve seen teenagers pull apart a engine on the side of the road and fix it, in America the whole car would have been thrown away


Image source: External-Conflict500

Less obesity, they walk more, they want less


Image source: ctriis

Prioritize important stuff


Image source: Loli_Sniffer_02

people have more sense of friendliness,
you can go and play football with random people on South African streets


Image source: mailorderbridle

Better sense of community, resilience, and strangely enough, happiness despite having less. I grew up lower middle class in Manila, and despite not having a lot (our water was pumped from a deep well, inconsistent electricity, clothes that didn’t fit, etc…), I remember having a happy childhood.


Image source: DeuceLurker

Statistically speaking, soccer

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