20 Things 2002 Had That 2022 No Longer Has

Published 2 years ago

Life is so much different from what it used to be a few decades ago. We went from shooting to the moon to shooting to Mars. We went from dreaming of flying cars to constructing them. Also, it wasn’t as hot before as it is nowadays.

In an Ask Reddit post, the OP asked, “What was normal in 2002 but not 2022?” A lot of people poured into the thread to share their thoughts. Now, sit back as we present to you 20 of the best and purely nostalgic responses from the thread that will make you miss how things used to be two decades ago!

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Image source: Salt_Champion_8289, cottonbro

Using payphones.


Ringback tones

Source: xxsoultonesxx


Image source: ptapobane, Wikipedia

A comedian making an edgy joke and not have their career nuked


Image source: BenjaminMStocks, Waldemar Brandt

Using a phone book.


Image source: JustCallMePicklez

flip phones


Image source: ragnarkar, Wikipedia

Thinking George W. Bush was the worst president ever.


Image source: redther, E M

Spinning a tape cassette with a pen


Image source: epicredditdude1

Criss Angel.


Image source: ChevExpressMan



Image source: Rezokar_, S J

Floppy disks. I work at my school as a program they offer and I saw an old 2000 PC with a floppy disk.


Image source: NotHappyTilUNotHappy, Lukas Hartmann

Going home with your digital camera so you could upload the photos from your day to your computer and email them to your friends or upload to Friendster.


A single paycheck buying everything I needed.

Source: Sleestak714


Image source: Rangestalker, Jean van der Meulen

Living being affordable


Image source: Agamemnon66, Caden Bern

Home phones


Image source: ChimpyChompies

Dial up internet access.


Image source: IndividualMagician60

Frosted tips for guys and streaky highlights for women.


Image source: FeelThePower999, Jeremy Bezanger

VHS tapes. I was 6 in 2002. They were at the end of their life, but most of what I watched up until then was on VHS.


Image source: devildunkard, https://www.pexels.com/photo/iphone-on-table-1156684/

Going out without a phone or any other kind of remote communication device. Imagine driving a back road without anyway to get a hold of someone if you break down.


Image source: ATXKLIPHURD, Masha Raymers

Smoking cigarettes everywhere. Cars had ashtrays and restaurants had Smoking sections.


Image source: floatingaway919, cottonbro

Burning CDs, then writing the names of each song with the number track on the front of the CD

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