TikToker Who Has Been Traveling For Years Shares The Most Useful Traveling Tips

Published 3 years ago

Traveling is all about recreation and acquiring new experiences but it can easily become stressful if not planned properly. Ryan Fila, a guy who has been traveling for many years, shares important information on TikTok that will help you make your traveling experience smooth and stress-free.

Although many travel enthusiasts were heartbroken by the pandemic, people are now hoping to travel again (with safety measures) as the new vaccination programs roll out. If you are one of those individuals planning to hit the road again, then bookmark this page as these great tips will come in handy when you travel. Some of the greatest tips shared by Ryan on his TikTok series “Travel tips that will seriously help you” are listed below.

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#1 Download Google Offline Map Before Leaving Your Country

Here are some instructions for downloading the offline map provided by Ryan- “Search a region where you want to go to, then click the download button down here. To get the most of that region, zoom out as far as you can. Click download and you’ll have the Google offline map.”

Image source: filaforreal

#2 Stop using third-party travel booking agencies.

According to this TikToker, “Although the travel agencies are helpful for finding good deals, they are not very convenient when it comes to changing plans or itineraries. The easier way to skip the headaches of travel agencies is- Go to Hopper, scan through the red, yellow, and green, for what dates are most expensive. Go to that date range, find those dates that you want to fly and then go book them on the airline website.”

Image source: filaforreal

#3 If You Can Train Yourself To Sleep On The Floor, You Can Sleep Anywhere

Image source: filaforreal

If you are low on budget, this is what Ryan advises- “If you can sleep anywhere, you can crash at people’s houses without being a hassle for them and it’s a lot cheaper than fancy hotels. Also, if you have a long layover in an airport, you get a full night’s rest and you wake up ready to go.”

#4 If You’re Traveling Internationally, Do Not Use Your Debit Card Unless You Absolutely Have To

Image source: filaforreal

“Whenever possible, use your credit card to make purchases because this is a lot safer. And your debit card holds money that you’ve already made. If something happens to this and somebody gets their hands on it, they’re spending the money that you have already made. If somebody gets their hands on your debit card, they’re gonna be spending your actual money, whereas if they get the credit card, they’re just gonna be spending the company’s money, which is a lot less pressure on me,” says Ryan.

#5 Get Free, Upgraded Seating Every Time You Fly

Image source: filaforreal

A great tip for getting the best seats on planes was shared by Ryan- “When you are boarding the plane, wait until they come overhead and call the last call. The reason you do this is that basically everybody’s already gotten on the plane, so your ticket is pretty much irrelevant. As long as everybody’s in their seats, you can just sit wherever you want. I would say 80% of the time I end up with a completely empty row because I get on last. Now one key to this, though, is sitting down confidently. Don’t hesitate and act like it’s your seat.”

#6 Start Using Water Bottles

Image source: filaforreal

According to Ryan, “It’s easy to burn through water bottles, just by brushing your teeth, but let me show you how to make it last a little bit longer. Pop a hole in the top of the water bottle just like you did when you were in third grade. For this, you can use a pen or a flathead screwdriver. Then all you do is spray it like that and you use basically no water. If you’re doing this while living in a vehicle, you do have to keep it vertical, so I keep mine in the back pouch of the seat. Plus, check out this pressure.”

#7 Don’t Travel With So Many Pairs Of Shoes

Image source: filaforreal

The TikToker believes in traveling light- “These things are bulky. And really, when you travel, you don’t need them. There’s no way you’re gonna need all those pairs of shoes for three days. I promise. My side tip for you is also if you’re traveling with more than one pair of shoes, wear the bulkier of the pairs on your feet when you’re on the plane. That way, you have the most amount of room in your bag.”

#8 Save Feature On Google Map

Image source: filaforreal

Another Google map feature- “Google Maps has this dope save feature here in the middle. If I click mine, it pulls up all of the locations I travel to. Click create new lists, and then you got your own list to add all your places.”

#9 Get A Cable Organizer

Image source: filaforreal

A tip for organizing your stuff- “This is another thing I genuinely don’t travel without. Yeah, I make videos, so I have a lot of cables, but even if I didn’t, I would still pack this thing because it just makes your bag look like this (picture 1) instead of looking like this (picture2).”

#10 Discounts At Coffee Shops

Image source: filaforreal

According to Ryan, “If you’re working remotely while you travel or you just want a long day at the coffee shop with good conversation, most coffee shops will give you a discount if it’s not free to get a refill.”

#11 Take Better Selfies

Image source: filaforreal

Selfie-lovers will find this tip very interesting- “There’s one simple way to start getting better photos with your phone and it is: stop taking selfies like this (picture 1) and not because of your face, but because of the light. Now in this room, in specific, that corner that I just took the photo in, there’s no light on my face, but just on the other side of this room is this huge window. And this is what the photo will look like if I took it over here (picture 2). Way better.”

#12 Free Starbucks Coffee

Image source: filaforreal

More free stuff- “The only reason I still have the Starbucks app is this reason right here. If you open it and you click the Scan in pay, you’ll get this little QR code, they’ll scan it and if you’re staying in Starbucks working, you can either get a free hot coffee, free ice coffee, or a free tea refill while you’re in a store.”

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