After 2 Months, This Toddler Is Still Taking Daily Naps With His Puppy

Published 10 years ago

A while ago, we wrote about baby boy  Beau and his puppy Theo – two close friends who enjoy taking adorable daily naps together. Two months have passed since then and these little guys and their cute daily naps are still going strong!

Their friendship began last year, when the family moved out of NYC and got enough room for a puppy, which the kids had been dreaming about for so long. Now Theo’s mother, blogger Jessica Shyba, has more than 335,000 followers on Instagram. There, she shares pictures documenting the comfy-looking and heartwarming nap compositions of these two little guys. They seem to be they seem to be growing closer as they grow up!

Source: | Instagram (via: mymodernmet)

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