Top 7 Costumes Guide Of Harley Quinn by Fjackets

Published 8 years ago

Harley Quinn has always rated to be the best and the stunning style for cosplayers who are insane after her costume. However, her latest costume in Suicide Squad has also ranked in the top 15 costumes for Halloween and in 2016, it’s confirmed that it will be ranked in top 5 costumes for Halloween.

This is all just because of the craziness and the attraction of the character. This is only for the costume of 2016. There are other costumes from late 90’s Harley Quinn and people desperately look for that costume. However, for helping all of them, Celebsclothing has made a guide that have almost all the costume of Harley Quinn that she has worn time by time.

This is almost the biggest costume guide of Harley Quinn that has been ever introduced. So simply start following the guide to make your own Harley Quinn costume for Halloween.

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