What Make People Insane About Harley Quinn Jacket?

Published 8 years ago

Harley Quinn is a fabulous character in the comics world which is equally attractive in both men and women. And furthermore, the fans dress as their favorite character in costume gatherings and share their selfies with millions of fans around the world. The character created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini has become a hallmark in the DC Comics cinematic universe. With the recently released “Suicide Squad”, the fan craze of the character has reached its ultimate high. Margot Robbie has been the shining star in the movie. She has dazzled the audiences with her unique style and charisma. Recently, I read an article online on the Huffington Post which grabbed my attention. So, I have decided to pen my thoughts about it.

Despite the harsh reviews from the critics, the film is doing well as it breaks the record for August Monday. Although, not a strong story line and below par script for the movie, the film has been well received by the fans.

One of the reasons why the fans are loving the movie is because the DC Comics has a loyal fan base. Thousands of fans signed the petition of shutting down rotten tomatoes completely after receiving negative reviews prior the film’s release. It endorses the fact that the die-hard DC Comics fans would love the movie despite bad reviews.

The Harley Quinn and some of the other major characters from the DC world are appealing to the younger generation of fans. The charisma of Harley Quinn is the driving force among the teenagers. Furthermore, it is releasing at the time when the movies like Ghostbusters and Jason Bourne have released which attracts adult fans. The Suicide Squad offers something different to the fans by introducing new characters and a fresh storyline.

The movie has a diverse cast. It does not include any big names or Oscar winning actors other than Will Smith and Jared Leto. But the fans get to see a taste of different characters some new ones as well and varied personalities in the movie.

Furthermore, the Harley Quinn Jacket is the most popular item for Halloween. No other outfit has the same appeal or attraction for the fans. It is an elegantly designed apparel with subtle stitching. With the passage of time, the Harley Quinn outfit is becoming trendier.

So, here you go these are my thoughts about the article published on Huffington Post. Share your views and opinions in the comments below.

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