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Photographer Climbs On Top Of The Golden Gate Bridge To Take Awesome Photos

Published 4 years ago

Christopher Michel is a rockstar in the world of photography, who throughout his career has captured breathtaking shots from all around the world and even further (we’re talking about his selfie at the edge of space from the U-2 spy plane). But for this one, he’s coming back home to San Francisco, where he got a unique opportunity to capture the Golden Gate bridge like never before.

On the birthday of San Francisco’s famous landmark, the officials gave permission to a lucky few to climb up and get a view like no other. Being one of the lucky ones Christopher took his camera and shared the awe-inspiring spectacle with the world. Now that’s a job…

More info: 500px | instagram | twitter (h/t: 500px)

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Chris sure knew how to make the most out of this unique opportunity

“It all started from here: A non-descript hatch at the base of the South Tower. From here, I would take one of the world’s smallest elevators most of the way up the tower”


The he followed the light up the ladder and through the hatch

“I feel the need to hold onto something immediately—the wave of vertigo is palpable. It’s windy, bright and incredibly beautiful”

The photographer was treated to one of a kind view: “The wide-open Pacific, San Francisco, Marin, and the beautiful bay shimmered in the afternoon light”

“Every few minutes, the scene atop the bridge changes. Fog, clouds, and wind scramble colors and shadows creating a magnificent kaleidoscope”

With time, he got more confident to explore the edges of the platform

He also took his GoPro camera on a stick for unique shots like this

“An hour went by in the blink of an eye. As I prepared to descend below, I took one last picture of the bridge”


And here’s an awesome collage as a bonus



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