Norway Has The World’s First Bike Escalator

Published 10 years ago

Scandinavians are known for their eco-friendly take on transportation, as they’re among the most active bicyclists in the world. And Trondheim is the capital of Norwegian bicycling, so it comes with no surprise that it is the first city to adopt a peculiar and helpful device for cyclists in hilly surroundings – a bike-lift called Tampre.

The 130-meter-long Tampre prototype, technically similar to a ski lift, was built back in 1993, and has pushed more than 200.000 cyclists up the Brubakken hill in Trondheim over 15 years of operation. In 2013, the escalator was updated to meet new safety regulations and was reintroduced as the CycloCable. Now, the lift is free of charge and has become one of the greatest tourist attractions in Trondheim.

The lift can take up to 300 cyclists per hour and up to 5 cyclists simultaneously. The device is also convenient to take the trip up the hill with a baby stroller, a scooter, and other wheeled devices. CycloCable has plans to spread throughout the cities of Europe, USA, Canada and the Far East.

More info: (h/t: atlasobscura)

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