20 Facts You Can’t Run Away From Even If You Don’t Like It

Published 10 months ago

Whether you deny the facts of life or not, they will still affect you. So there’s no point ostrich-ing around it and trying to shield yourself. Many people, however,  keep believing in certain lies to make themselves feel better. 

From believing a lie detector to MLMs, there are certain truths it’s better to be aware of sooner rather than later. But frustratingly enough, too many comfortably believe lies. However, one online discussion aims to call out these fallacies one at a time. Scroll below to check out some hard-to-palate facts suggested on the thread that many would rather ignore. 

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#1 That Jesus in the new testament was *wildly* opposed to what would become the traditions and practices of Christian fundamentalists.

Image source: AlternativeFilm8886, RDNE Stock project

#2 Based on some disturbing podcasts and articles I’ve been hearing, womens health issues, particularly their pain. Apparently most doctors of both sexes, are quick to dismiss and downplay our pain rather than oh I don’t know treating it?

Image source: Personal-Letter-629, Karolina Grabowska

#3 That financial success has largely to do with Luck (Where you were born, who your parents are, etc)

Image source: ShenWishes, maitree rimthong

#4 Built in obsolescence (planned obsolescence) – shocked how many people dont believe it happens

Image source: WillsMonsters, Tomasz Kulesa

#5 “Invisible” health conditions like Dysautonomia, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Also ADHD. People think you are faking just to get Adderall.

Image source: JennG22, Pixabay

#6 That our memory is very fallible, and does not work like a video camera.

Image source: specialkwsu, Leah Kelley


Autism diagnoses. Myself and lots of autistic people I know are often told by people who seem to base their entire knowledge of autism off the movie Rain Man are like “but you don’t seem autistic.”

Research on autism has changed a lot since the 80s but public perception has changed very little.

Image source: Ghiraheem

#8 Climate change, Covid-19, billionaires not caring about the average person

Image source: randy_maverick, Pixabay

# 9 That having children is not for everyone, that it’s not all sunshine and the meaning of life and millions of people regret being parents.

Image source: rasberrymelon, Keira Burton

#10 Weight bias. Literally everyone treats overweight people different

Image source: SomeGuyNamedJustin, Ketut Subiyanto

#11 That colds are cause by viruses and not being cold.

Image source: Carbon_60, Tim Gouw

#12 Confirmation bias. Reading into a situation what you want to see.

Image source: poop_spoogle, Ryutaro Tsukata

#13 America uses propaganda against their own population.

Image source: Kryds, Edgar Colomba

#14 You can love someone else without loving yourself first. There’s plenty of parents that hate themselves and love their kids. Not recommending it but it’s a stupid thing to deny.

Image source: FlexOnJeffBezos, Puwadon Sang-ngern

#15 A lie detector isn’t reliable

Image source: microman12100, Tony Biondo

#16 My camp girlfriend. You wouldn’t know her, she goes to another school.

Image source: iTz_Maverick, Mac DeStroir

#17 Most of the division in society today is manufactured.

Image source: ShakyTheBear


Skin cancer from not wearing sunblock. It absolutely blows my mind when grown a*s adults brag about not wearing sunscreen. Like it’s a real point of pride for them. Enjoy your early wrinkles and spots.

Image source: YellowEarthDown

#19 MLMs are a f*****g scam .

Image source: PineappleWhipped14, Eduardo Francisco Vazquez Murillo

#20 Being 35-50 wasn’t considered “elderly” back in the day. It was common for people to live into their 70s and 80s. The reason we get “average lifespan” data with such low numbers is because so many babies died, skewing the average values downward.

Image source: protomanEXE1995, Matthias Zomer

Shanilou Perera

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