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36 Strange Photos People Found On Their Phones That Weren’t Taken By Them

Published 2 years ago

#11 Lost My Phone While Teaching Sunday School And Now I Know Which Toddler Took It

Image source: jillianmee

#12 Just Got This Picture In A Text From My Husband’s Phone. He’s The One Sleeping. I Don’t Know That Other Guy

Image source: MrsRoseyCrotch

#13 Found This Picture On My Phone After Losing It At A Festival In The Summer

Image source: MiTCH_x

#14 I Left My Phone Downstairs Yesterday. My Grandma And Aunt Figured Out Where The Camera Is

Image source: darkwolffe

#15 Was In The Library Sleeping. This Random Guy Uses My Phone To Take Selfies Of Me. For A While I Had No Idea, Then I Woke Up

#16 Accidentally Left My Camera On My Phone Open While I Left It On The Couch. I Returned To Find This

Image source: _Jcassino

#17 “Phone Was Missing For 15 Days. 10 Of Which Were Spent At The Bottom Of The Bow River… Huge Thanks To Calgary Fire Department For Saving Not Just Lives! The Guys Had A Bit Of Fun With It Too”

Image source: Nathan Buhler

#18 I Could Not Figure Out Why The Bottom Half Of My Sweatpants Were Missing After A Party Until I Found This On My Phone

Image source: ShadowWolf92

#19 I Blacked Out At A Party And Found This On My Phone. I Have No Clue Who This Person Is

Image source: KJKReptiles

#20 On January 1, 2013 My Phone Escaped Me And Somehow Fell Into The Hands Of A Man With A Killer Mustache. Thanks To Apple And Some Kinks In The Cloud, I Receive All Of His Pictures In My Photo Stream. Here Are His Selfies As Re-Enacted By Yours Truly

Image source: mycloudpal

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