20 Facts That Might Provide You Some Comfort, As Shared By People In This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

It’s very difficult to relax and find peace when we are surrounded by so much chaos and stressful things happening around the world. In these exhausting times, most people are looking for peace and comfort by using various techniques like meditation, yoga, spending time with loved ones, sipping a cup of coffee (or tea) while watching the sky, and reading some positive books or quotes, etc.

A Redditor, u/subornion, was also looking for a few moments of peace and asked people to share “some VERY comforting facts?”. People poured in some wholesome and satisfactory facts in the comments thread. Scroll below to read some of the most wholesome ones.

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Image source: BetterthanMew, Richard Gatley

“The ozone layer is slowly repairing itself.”


Image source: Mr_Moose_Moose, wikimedia

“Sea otters hold hands when they sleep to keep from drifting apart.”


Image source: SuvenPan, Vincent van Zalinge

“India’s tiger population grew from 1,411 in 2006 to 2,967 tigers as per the 2018 census. Based on the best available information, tiger populations are stable or increasing in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Russia and China. But much more work is needed to protect this species if we are to secure its future in the wild.”


Image source: ek_su_as, Matthias Zomer

“Switzerland has implemented a scheme ‘Time Bank’; which is an old-age assistance programme, under which, people can volunteer to look after the elderly who require assistance, and then, the number of hours they spend with or caring for seniors gets deposited in their individual social security account.Eventually, when the volunteer reaches that old age when he or she requires support, this ‘Time Bank’ can help them by providing time-based services which include consultations, babysitting, hairdressing, gardening, tutoring, or any other time-consuming job in addition to being looked after by a volunteer as well.About 34 countries are trying to apply this scheme.

Very Wholesome and humane!”


Image source: alpacaification, Cindy Gustafson

“Monarch butterfly populations are doing better. Not out of the dark, but better. I found a monarch caterpillar on my milkweed the other day.”


Image source: Aggravating-Team8249, Artem Beliaikin

“Sometimes dogs in movies have to have CGI tails because they keep wagging their tails. They are just so happy to be there!”


“Know that really embarrassing thing you did? Well, there’s a high likelihood no one else remembers it. If they do life will give them far more experiences that one thing will seem like nothing in comparison.”

Image source: ForsakenDirection932,karatara


Image source: fluffybear45, CJ Infantino

“Your pets will forgive you if you accidentally step on them”


Image source: buffkirby, Paul L Dineen

“There is a group of bikers called bikers against child abuse who support child abuse victims in court by looking tough and giving the kids confidence to testify against their abusers it’s actually an international group.”


Image source: quietfangirl

“There is a type of mold growing on/around the Elephant’s Foot in Chernobyl. This mold eats radiation, and the radioactivity of the Elephant’s Foot has decreased drastically since the mold started growing there. idk, it’s just comforting to me that the planet can heal no matter how bad the scar we left.”


Image source: vgvvhvhjvvb

“All of the cardigans Mister Rogers wore on camera were knit by his mother.”


Image source: 1sno, Kara Eads

“The dog estimates the time of your return home by how much of your smell is left in the house from your morning routine.”


Image source: ILoveBydgoszcz, Dmitry Grigoriev

“Bees inform their friends about good flowers nearby by dancing.”


Image source: Aggravating-Team8249, Artem Beliaikin

“Sometimes dogs in movies have to have CGI tails because they keep wagging their tails. They are just so happy to be there!”


Image source: ILoveBydgoszcz, Pixabay

“It’s illegal in Switzerland to own just one guinea pig. You have to have at least two if you want to have any. Guinea pigs get lonely.”


Image source: trevorium117, Joseph Chan

“If 99 percent of the world population finds you unattractive, there are still 78 million people in the world that find you attractive.

That’s a lot of people.

Edit: Thanks to u/TrixieLurker that commented the actual amount.”


Image source: Icy-Revolution1706, Pixabay

“Nurse here.

If you’re having a general anaesthetic for a routine operation, and worried about dying while under, please be aware there are about 7 different “levels” of stuff we can do to bring you back.

So if the thing we normally do doesn’t work, we’ve got plan B, then we’ve got plans C, D, E, F, G& H. ( and we rarely need to even go to Plan C, let alone the rest!)

It’s ridiculously rare for you to never wake up from a routine op, of course it happens occasionally, but for every case you’ve heard about it happening, there’s THOUSANDS of identical operations where it didn’t. I’ve been qualified 15 years and it’s literally never happened anywhere I’ve worked.”


Image source: Level-Class-8367, Mel Elías

“Petting animals lowers cortisol.”


Image source: cagascorreggia

“Tarantulas keep tiny frogs as pets sometimes.”


Image source: Gyor-Moson-Sopron, Lucie Hošová

“There’s an island in Japan populated only by bunnies”

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