People Are Sharing Before And After Photos Of Power Washing And The Results Are Incredible (30 Pics)

Published 5 years ago

If you ever washed your car in one of those self-service car washes, you probably know what a power washer is. And if you don’t, it’s basically a Super Soaker on steroids that blasts away all of the caked-on dirt and grime and is just oh-so-satisfying to use. There’s just something oddly satisfying about seeing dirt being blasted out of all the smallest nooks and crannies, and things getting restored to their former glory. So satisfying, in fact, we just can’t get enough.

People are sharing before and after photos of power washing and the results are absolutely incredible. Some of them are even using power washers to create beautiful art! Check out the most incredible before and after photos of power washing in the gallery below!

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#1 This Woman Uses The Power Washer She Got As A Birthday Gift To Unleash Her Creative Potential

Image source: DL Wood

#2 Powerwashed Dam In Eastern Germany

Image source: Bernd Nörig

#3 My Parents’ Patio Hadn’t Been Washed In Years. Got Around To Borrowing A Washer And Used One For The First Time

Image source: senorspicystein

#4 My Hometown Recently Power Washed The Town Hall

Image source: SimbaSultana

#5 So. Damn. Satisfying

Image source: xsieras

#6 Scored This For $50, So Spent 10 Minutes On It With 3100 Psi

Image source: Unemployed321

#7 I Power Washed This Rug Left Behind By The Old Home Owners. I Had No Idea The Design Was This Intricate

Image source: dvalliant

#8 Checkmate

Image source: b1gHubba

#9 Art Piece Somewhere In The West End (London)

Image source: nath_ray

#10 Brick Entryway Before And After

Image source: polishfury10

#11 This Was Done While Power Washing A Pavement

Image source: regoapps

#12 Love Results Like This, Especially In 2 Hours Of Total Time

Image source: xTeo212x

#13 They’re Cleaning This Fountain Just Next To Red Square. I Can See Why

Image source: sned777

#14 This Building Halfway Through Cleaning In Vienna

Image source: irrigated_liver

#15 I Did A Thing

Image source: GregTheHandyman

#16 One Of The Most Satisfying Jobs I’ve Done In The Past

Image source: 27KatieLady

#17 I Legitimately Thought Fences Just Faded Into That Grey Until I Borrowed Power Washer And 12 Hours Later…

Image source: jaydubaaa

#18 Spent The Day Power Washing My Grandmother’s House. Had To Be Sure The Other Grandkids Knew The Truth

Image source: oliverclothessoff

#19 First Wash Since Moving In. So Satisfying

Image source: MaddieEsquire

#20 Did This Porch/House A While Ago Showing Before And After Used With No Bleach

Image source: absolute_clean

#21 Wife Wanted Me To Buy A New Rug For The Baby To Learn To Crawl On. I Bought A Power Washer Instead

Image source: von_Bob

#22 Here’s Some Marble Circa 1881 For You Guys

Image source: penisbuffet

#23 Cleaned Up This Chonk Yesterday

Image source: osorojoaudio

#24 Refreshing Garden Chairs

Image source: kyridwen

#25 Teaching Them Young! Close Supervision Of Course

Image source: Jariners

#26 Bought A Drone For My Powerwashing Business, First Shot Was A Success

Image source: mikehocksbig

#27 Power Washing An Outdoor Redwood Table – Paused Half Way Through To Appreciate The Difference

Image source: BroncoWarrior

#28 10 Years Sitting Outside

Image source: TrickinVixen

#29 Inherited These Chairs 20 Years Ago. Washed Yesterday

Image source: KG7DHL

#30 Customer Wanted A “Test Spot” To Convince Husband Power Washing Needed To Be Done

Image source: PrettyFly4Wifi

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