Stunningly Realistic Dragon Head Carved From A Humble Watermelon

Published 9 years ago

Halloween is the pumpkin carving season. But for Valeriano Fatica, all seasons are are a suitable time to carve dragons out of watermelons. Scales, eyes, wrinkles – that’s a lot of detail to put into a fruit. The process like a GoPro video, so you can see what Fatica sees when he picks up the knife. The way he makes incisions to make eye detail is simply stunning!

Valeriano Fatica is an artist out of Italy. He describes himself as a “painter, sculptor, performer, carver of fruits and vegetables.” His knife strikes watermelons, pumpkins and even potatoes. Fatica’s work is always detailed – besides the dragons (yes, there’s more than one), he has carved such notables like Cthulhu.

Watermelon f’tangh!

More info: | facebook |twitter (h/t: sobadsogood)

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Carving the dragon’s head:

White Walker carved from a pumpkin:

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