10+ Times People Were Weirded Out By What They Saw, But The Internet Knew What It Was Right Away

Published 7 years ago

While the world is a mysterious and confusing place, that endless stream of wisdom coming from your internet cable sure helps to make more sense of it. As proof of this, we have a bunch of weird findings shared on a subreddit called “What Is This Thing?” that were identified by internauts without breaking a sweat.

This questions-friendly internet’s pocket has been filled with users willing to identify the weirdest finds, blowing our minds at how simple or how incredibly complicated some of these answers are.

Do you have a burning question you need answering? Then let’s take it to the comments and see what comes of it.

(h/t boredpanda)

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#1 Green Alien Thing That Grew On My Band-Aid. What Is This Thing?

Image source: the_silly_fish

#2 I’ve Met An Old Man In Germany And He Sent Me These Little Coat Of Arms, Telling Me To Visit Each Of This Location Before I Die. What Are These Exactly Used For?

Image source: LethalDeadlyCuteSnek

#3 An Old Samsung Pc Keyboard… What Is The Coffee Cup Key For?

Image source: ianf2k17

#4 What Is This Demonic Looking Creature?

Image source: BundleOfSticks556

#5 What Is This? Found It By My Toaster. Please Don’t Tell Me It’s Some Kind Of Cockroach Molt

Image source: sal25

#6 What In The Absolute F*ck Is On My Car?

Image source: iChickk

#7 This… Thing… Showed Up Inside The Humid Jar Of My Carnivorous Plants. What Is This Thing?

Image source: dr_rentschler

#8 What Are These Circles On A Window Of A Bus And What Do They Do?

Image source: Fred330

#9 Saw This Guy Crossing The Street In Dc. What Is It?

Image source: ahoko

#10 Relative Found These Eggs In Her Yard In Georgia, Hanging From A Tree. What Is This Thing?

Image source: turtlepowr89


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