What makes keyloggers for MacOS different from other spy apps?

Published 8 years ago

Keylogger for MacOS is the software that is installed on MacOS and is used to log keystrokes, web history, chat history, and much more. While many keyloggers are malwares or viruses, some are legally developed to allow the parents and employers to keep a tab on the kids and employees respectively. This app is completely different from the spy apps and here are the reasons why.

Work inconspicuously

One of the biggest advantages of the keylogger for MacOs over the other spy apps is that it works more discreetly. Most of the spy apps make their presence felt even when they are not visible in the system tray or the system task lists. This is because they slow down the performance of the Mac computer. But this is not the case with the keyloggers for MacOs. If you are buying a legitimate app from the trusted company then you will barely have issues with the computer performance. In this way, the person on whose computer it has been installed will not know of its presence.

Capture every keystroke

The spy apps for Mac or other OS platforms are not meant specifically for the recording of the keystrokes. But one of the main purposes of the keylogger for MacOS is to store each and every keystroke. This makes them completely different from the regular spy apps that you see in the market. This type of program not only logs the standard keys that are punched in but also the hidden characters. This is again something that you will not find with the regular spy apps.

Get all the passwords

One of the best things about the keylogger for MacOS is that it can log all the passwords that have been entered. Even if the passwords are hidden they are able to store it. Since the passwords are used for different apps and websites, the tool must be able to identify different sources. Thankfully, the keyloggers are able to easily identify the different sources from where the passwords are coming. This is something that you will not find with the regular spy applications. In fact, there are hardly any spy applications that can log the passwords on the computers.

Record the instant messaging chats

There is no denying that chatting has become extremely popular these days. There are so many IM applications that we use every day. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Google Hangouts are some of the most commonly used IM apps. Sometimes you may need to log the IM chats while monitoring your employees or kids. The spy apps are not quite effective at doing that. In fact, most of the spy apps cannot even record any IM messages. But with the keylogger for MacOS you can be certain that each and every IM chat will be recorded.

Record the email content as well

There are some spy apps that can keep a tab on the emails sent and received on a particular computer. They can give the name of the sender or recipient with the time and date. However, there is no spy app that can effectively log the entire content of the email. Whether the email content is text or media, the keylogger for MacOS can record everything. Sometimes you have to make sure that your kids or employees are sending or receiving appropriate content through email. This is where the keylogger comes into picture.

Monitor the social network activities

Social media has helped us connect to the world in a much better way. However, with every good thing comes a bad one as well. This is why parents are often concerned about what their kids are doing on the Internet. With the keylogger you can get the entire content of the social network activities logged on the computer. This way you will always know what your kids are up to.

The keylogger for MacOs provides an effective way to spy on others, especially for parents and employees that need strict vigilance to avoid losses. The keylogger comes with numerous features that are easy to use and effective for tracking as well. With it, you are able to know what others are up to without spending big bucks.

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