When Is The Best Time Of Year To Go To Tuscany?

Published 8 years ago

Tuscany is a popular vacation spot and as a result, people often wonder about the best time of year to go. The time of year that a person chooses will depend on their personal needs. Some people value being able to travel to a destination when it is least crowded, while others prioritize weather conditions.

To find out more about the time of the year that will work best for your travel plans, read on to learn more about the different seasons of Tuscany and what each of them have to offer.

The best way to learn more about Tuscany’s conditions is to go on a month by month basis. Let’s start with the summer season.


The summery conditions of Tuscany start to fade away in mid to late September, giving way to fall. The summer months provide copious amounts of sunlight, while some complain about the glare that accompanies it. The temperatures regularly reach the 80 degree mark, which can make for sweltering conditions.

This is the busiest time of year for Tuscany, from a tourism standpoint and the country will be crowded with visitors. This is an important fact to bear in mind for those who do not enjoy dealing with large crowds. An important note: many hoteliers and shopkeepers in Tuscany choose to go on vacation in August, which will limit the amount of sightseeing that can be accomplished during that month.

Mid September-Early November

This is considered to be the best time of year to visit Tuscany, since the crowds of summer have cleared out and the weather conditions are a bit more bearable. The thinning crowds and the moderate weather conditions make for a much better vacationing experience, as the temperatures dip into the 70s.

Those who wish to spend time in the rolling hills of Tuscany while the leaves change should choose this time of year to visit the region. Harvest festivals also take place during these months, as the vineyards of Tuscany start to collect their grapes. Wine aficionados are bound to appreciate this time of year more than most other travelers.

Mid November-March

These months are marked by much chillier temperatures, as the highs tend to fall in the 50 degree range, while the lows can reach into the 30s. This is also another time of year when properties close on a regular basis. Property owners who rely on the influx of tourism income during the summer season often choose these months to schedule vacations of their own.

Savvy travelers who do not mind braving the colder temperatures will select this time of year to go to Tuscany, so that they can save a few bucks. There is far less demand during the cold weather months, which allows frugal travelers to save money on their airfare, as well as their accommodations.

April and May

For the more conventional traveler, this is another quality time of year to visit Tuscany. Not only can travelers beat the summertime heat, but they can also avoid the swarm of visitors that will arrive come June. The temperatures are moderate, remaining in the 70s, which makes for a less stressful journey.

As an added bonus, the lines are also much shorter at Tuscany’s tourist hot spots, such as Siena’s Torre del Mangia (which is the tallest tower in the entire city), as well as Florence’s Uffizi Gallery. The choice that you decide on will depend on your tolerance for the heat, how much money you wish to spend and what your plans are upon arrival.

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