40 People Shared Pics Of An Elderly Person Who Touched Their Hearts

Published 2 weeks ago

Many people tend to overlook older adults, but that’s a mistake. Indeed, seniors have a lot of wisdom, charm, and positivity to offer if only they were asked.

We’ve put together some heartwarming and inspiring examples of older people enjoying life to the fullest. From impressive lifelong collections to adorable moments captured by younger family members, take a moment to appreciate these wonderful individuals.

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#1 My 83-Year-Old Dad’s New Cat, Schaefer

Image source: lateralus1075

#2 Joined A Hiking Facebook Group, Ended Up Meeting A 71-Year-Old Woman, And Hiked A 4k Footer With Her! 50 Years Apart Made No Difference In The Fun (And Life Stories Shared) We Had Today

Image source: k8issgr8

#3 My 90-Year-Old Friend And I Just Published The First-Ever English Translation Of A 75-Year-Old Armenian Book

Image source: janbazianrupen

#4 The Look On His Face Is Priceless

Image source: AaronRigsbyOSC

#5 My Dad With The Bag Of Bone Marrow Donated By A 38-Year-Old Stranger In Germany To Save His Life

Image source: aredlilly

#6 My Father-In-Law Was Forced Into Early Retirement. Turns Out He’s Pretty Good At Art

Image source: Mohawk200x

Back story: up until 9 months ago, he was working at a psychiatric hospital looking after sick people. A patient pushed him and he ended up grabbing him and falling to the ground with him, but the patient landed on top of him and he ended up breaking his back in multiple places. He had to be out of action for 6 months, that’s when he had no choice but to retire early.

He fell into depression and felt like he had lost all hope. Recently, he decided to occupy his mind with something, so he started painting. To our surprise, it turns out he’s pretty good, well we certainly think he is!

#7 My 83-Year-Old Grandma’s First Tattoo! Done In Tacoma, WA

Image source: hellraiserk

#8 My Grandma Brought Me Fresh Peonies From Her Garden

Image source: jlovelysoul

#9 My 70-Year-Old Father-In-Law Started Painting A Couple Of Years Ago. He Likes To Try Different Styles And Keeps Them All

Image source: thatcubsguy

#10 He Is 94. She Is 87. Their Love Story Has Been Continuous For 68 Years. My Parents

Image source: yoda_the_catto

#11 Every Year This Woman Brings A Bag Of Hats Which She Knits From January To December To The Shelter

Image source: Pueblo Cooperative Care Center

#12 My Parents Just Got Internet (Bialet Massé) And My Dad Is Already Showing Videos To The Neighbors

Image source: ezeconte

#13 Father-In-Law Does This Every Year. Even Though His Daughter (My Partner) Is Now 26

Image source: deathcastle

#14 My Father-In-Law Is So Excited About His Two-Story Bird House He Made Of Driftwood, That He Asked Me To Put It On “The Online”

Image source: uis999

#15 My Father-In-Law Being Epic As Usual

Image source: funk_appleby

#16 Incredibly Heartwarming Older Couple Dancing At A Concert At A Park

Image source: lo-key-glass

#17 Mutual Appreciation

Image source: reddit.com

#18 You Loved Seeing Her On Her 100th Birthday 3 Years Ago. Still Happy And Smiling, She Just Turned 103

Image source: Uhdd00

#19 Seniors Enjoying The New Playground

Image source: GiantMeteor2017

#20 The Day My 80-Year-Old Mom Married Her 80-Year-Old Boyfriend

Image source: happilyhouseless

#21 My 77-Year-Old Husband Collects Cans To Support Children So They Can Get Free Dental Care With Oregon Dental Associations “Tooth Taxi”

Image source: Edoodle3

#22 My Grandma Holding My Grandpa’s Dying Hand – 100 Years Old

Image source: FloatingSkullMorte

#23 My 91-Year-Old Grandfather Stuck It Out While I Explained Over The Phone How To Facetime, And He Did It! Now I Get To See Them Every Day And Talk To My Grandmother

Image source: jackie_ou_ohyeah

#24 My 74-Year-Old Neighbor Asked Me To Paint Her Nails. I Asked Her What Color, She Said “I Want That Color!” Now We Match

Image source: unbreakablewildone

#25 This Lovely Gentleman Came In Today To Learn How To Curl His Wife’s Hair

Image source: Hair Design By Britney

His wife is unable to curl her own hair and often burns herself, so he stepped up to the plate and learned how to curl her hair. We had the pleasure of teaching him! We taught him how to do volume curls on short hair, how to protect her skin from being burned and we even taught him to put on her mascara.

#26 It’s Such A Great Thing She Did For That Dog

Image source: bjh1776

#27 My Grandparents Suprised Me By Building Me A Kitchen. This Is How I Found Out

Image source: KatokaMika, KatokaMika

#28 My Father-In-Law Holding A Sloth

Image source: goodlyearth

#29 Elderly Neighbor Gave Me These After Her Husband Passed Away. She Knows That I Work With Computers. I Said Thank You

Image source: ITriedToBeCleverBut

#30 Mister And The Cat

Image source: fairyfig

#31 I Work With Elderly Mentally Disabled People, And Today I Brought Sock With Me To Meet Else, Who Is Crazy About Reptiles But Has Never Had The Chance To Meet One

Image source: zephsoph

She said it was her biggest dream coming true, and Sock did so well and allowed strokes and hugs.

#32 Couple Goals. Spotted This Adorable Duo At The Atlanta Braves Game Yesterday

Image source: cmg_profesh

#33 I Brought One Of My Baby Bunnies To Meet My Great-Grandmother

Image source: purpleelephantdance

#34 Friend Of Mine Graduated In Law School At The Age Of 94

Image source: Rockarmor

#35 My 93-Year-Old Grandmom, Cancer-Free 4 Times, Going To A Western-Themed Party

Image source: TheFerryman47

#36 Today My 80-Year-Old Grandpa Became A U.S. Citizen

Image source: eddieuclabruin

#37 For At Least 13 Years, Rain Or Shine This Little Old Man Spends Every Morning Walking Around Our Tiny Town Picking Up Trash

Image source: benhrash

#38 Aunt Agnes, Ziplining For The First Time At 99 Years Old

Image source: FunSushi-638

#39 He Told Her To Get In The Box Because He Would Take Her Picture. This Is Love

Image source: Laura Salomón

#40 My Grandma Has Been Playing Wii Fit Every Morning For 10 Years, And She Is Still Going. She Wakes Up Every Morning And Does Exercises To Stay Fit! Almost 16 Years

Image source: gperk69

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