40 Posts Appreciating Wholesome Teachers

Published 2 weeks ago

As kids, we encountered influential adults who helped shape our lives. For some of us, this was a parent. While for others, it was an aunt or uncle. While yet others found their mentor in a teacher. While we imagine teaching can be as soul-sucking a job as any, some have held strong in maintaining their positive impact on youthful minds. 

Our team recently searched online for posts that show their appreciation of encounters with such individuals. Scroll below to read a collection of these incidents when teachers upheld the honour of their esteemed positions and imparted a great deal more to their students than just mere knowledge.

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#1 Be Kind. Be Compassionate. Be Human

Image source: radicavaqueen

#2 Teacher Going Above And Beyond For Their Students

Image source: SgtSavage1106

#3 Teachers Are So Much More Than Just Educators

Image source: redadhdventures

#4 That’s Beautiful

Image source: natssfatss

#5 Coolest Teacher Ever

Image source: jinglebayls

#6 Teachers Like That Make Such A Difference

Image source: ElyKreimendahl

#7 Some Teachers Are Just Really Genuinely Amazing People

Image source: itstarekali

#8 We Need More Teachers Like This

Image source: all15on_

#9 Yesterday The Quietest Kid In My Last Class Spoke To Me For The First Time. He Asked If He Could Doodle On My Board, And Since We Were Just Waiting Around For Buses I Said, “Sure”

Image source: Squidney Elizabeth

He draws an insanely realistic face, and when I tell him how awesome it is, he says he likes to draw. He also likes comics so we talk about the Green Lantern Corps because his favorite artist does the comics until his bus is called. Today, he immediately went to the board when the bell rang and started drawing. His bus was called in less than ten minutes yet he was able to do this. I’m going to take pictures of all his doodles this year and give them to him in a book at the end. I hope it reminds him to keep doing what he loves.

#10 Our Ex-Marine Teacher Has A Student Draw A “Cat Of The Day” On The Board Because He Likes To. He Was Absent On Friday And Wasn’t Able To Do So. So this morning, he took out his phone, opened Neko Atsume, and drew a “substitute cat”. I love this teacher.

Image source: laujp

#11 Treat Everyone With Respect And Care

Image source: ZachsCubClinic

Jack Burton: You’re no nurse or no doctor if you don’t want to treat people due to their lifestyle…

#12 Retired Teacher Drives Portable Library To Encourage Reading! What A Way To Spend Retirement

Image source: Dorby_

#13 My Favorite High School English Teacher Posted This Today. We Need More People Like Him In The World

Image source: renduh

#14 I Made 35 Desks For Students In My Area Who Are Home Due To Distance Learning

Image source: goodlyearth

#15 My Mom Is The Cutest Art Teacher Ever! She Made A Dress And Had Everyone Of Her Students Draw One Thing On The Dress For Her To Wear. This Was Her At Her Student’s Art Show Tonight

Image source: charlece_lake

#16 My Teacher Rescues Animals, And Two Baby Deer Were Brought In Within A Week Of Each Other. Now They Are Best Friends

Image source: dustin7239

#17 My Socio-Horticulture Professor Gives Every Student A Plant Almost Every Week

Image source: fetucine

#18 Hannah’s Class Has A Zoom Session Each Evening. Last Night She Got Really Sad And Kind Of Shut Down. Today Her Teacher Came Over And Hung Out For A Bit

Image source: kelley.close

They chatted, read books, and just talked. This woman has five kids at home and still, she sat in my driveway for an hour to make sure Hannah was okay.

#19 My Daughter’s Teacher Is Undergoing Chemo. This Was Their First Art Class This Year

Image source: Karmafacilitator

I’m so appreciative of how hard this woman works to teach her students about more than just academics. She is a strong and beautiful person (whose permission I requested before posting).

#20 The Highlight Of My Day Was My Teacher Bringing His Cat To School. Everytime He Asked The Class A Question, His Cat Would Meow, And He Would Accept It As An Answer

Image source: b-reathed

#21 This Elementary Teacher Rakes Leaves In The Schoolyard Into Adorable Cartoon Characters Every Morning

Image source: hamacream, hamacream

#22 Art Teacher Here. I Had My 7 And 8-Year-Old Students Create Monsters That Were Then “Adopted” By Local College Artists And Professors To Be Reimagined

Image source: snzb

The goal was to show my students that if they continue to grow their skill set and stay in the arts, then their ideas have no limit.

#23 I Was Orphaned Early This Year. My Teacher Is Starting The Adoption Process. Here’s An Ornament She Got For Our New Family. I Thought It Was Wholesome

Image source: userunknown1998

#24 It’s So Wholesome

Image source: tropicsentence

#25 A Girl In My Geography Class Had To Bring Her Newborn To Class Today. The Baby Started Crying In The Middle Of Our Quiz

When she took him out to hold him, my professor insisted that he wouldn’t mind feeding the baby and rocking his car seat until she was done. This is my so awesome, sweet professor, on his knees.

#26 Teacher’s Homework Policy

Image source: Samantha Gallagher

#27 Always Have Compassion

Image source: raediancee

#28 That’s Amazing

Image source: gfishandnuggets

#29 A Kid At My Daughter’s School Couldn’t Find Their Lost Tooth, And I Imagine They Were Very Sad That The Tooth Fairy Wouldn’t Come. So The Teacher Wrote An Official Letter To Excuse Them

Image source: arizonabatorechestra

#30 A Girl In My AP Literature Class Brought Her Cat In. The Teacher Invited Everyone Else To Bring In Pets Any Time They Please

Image source: galadour

#31 Sharing A Proud Teacher Moment. I Just Finished Putting Together This Collaborative Grid Drawing By My 8th-Grade Students. I’m So Impressed

Image source: Stefalumpagus

#32 We Found Five Abandoned Kittens Running Around The School Grounds, And My Teacher Caught One. This Is How The Class Is Being Taught

Image source: reddit.com

#33 Best School Picture Ever

Image source: svershbow

#34 Teachers Really Make A Difference

Image source: beecycles

#35 This Teacher Draws A Different Picture Each Morning For His Students

Image source: hamacream, hamacream

#36 Teachers Are Amazing

Image source: ReidParker_

#37 My Son, Who Has Learning Challenges, Developed A Special Relationship With His Amazing Fourth-Grade Teacher

Image source: researchbuff

On the last day of school, she gifted him with a drawing from her father who she said worked as an animator. He did this especially for my son, who is a Batman fanatic. Left me speechless.

#38 My Son Has Struggled With Autism, Tourettes, Agoraphobia, Severe Anxiety, And OCD. He Found Solace In Writing, And Just Published His Book On Amazon. Here he is giving a copy to one of his teachers who helped him along the way.

Image source: iChasedragons

#39 My Father Has Been A Professor Of English At The University Of St. Thomas For Over 50 Years. Here He Is, At 91 Years Old, Embracing Virtual Teaching Like A Boss

Image source: Julia Krohn Mechling

Listening to and watching him teach “The Odyssey” by Homer is a true gift. He’s been teaching it for decades, and yet he has the passion and excitement for the text as if it’s the first time. These kids have no idea how lucky they are.

#40 Professor Still Teaches While Holding His Kid

Image source: Sunipa Dev

Shanilou Perera

Shanilou has always loved reading and learning about the world we live in. While she enjoys fictional books and stories just as much, since childhood she was especially fascinated by encyclopaedias and strangely enough, self-help books. As a kid, she spent most of her time consuming as much knowledge as she could get her hands on and could always be found at the library. Now, she still enjoys finding out about all the amazing things that surround us in our day-to-day lives and is blessed to be able to write about them to share with the whole world as a profession.

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