30 Times People Shared Touching And Wholesome Posts That Made Others Happy

Published 6 months ago

In the fast-paced world of social media, where negativity and controversy often take center stage, there’s a refreshing oasis of positivity that goes by the name of “Wait…This Is Wholesome“. Dedicated to spreading joy and warmth, this page has become a digital haven for users seeking a break from the daily grind.

If you’re in need of a virtual pick-me-up, take a scroll through these heartwarming posts – you might just find your daily dose of joy.

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Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

Lyop : “….and THAT, people, is how it’s done!!”

AnnaRachelle : “People can have more power without violence than they think”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “Sweet kid, sweet neighbor.”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

Multa Nocte : “😱 ❤️ What an adorable child!”


Image source: ♡ @Ashtaughtyou

Multa Nocte : “This is so true.”

QuinnIsBean (he/they) : “I love to think like this, especially when I’m feeling a bit depressed. It’s just a nice thought, to know that however sad I may feel, I have what is needed to survive and thrive, plus more 🧡🧡”


Image source: @matt_cruise

k1ddkanuck : “Beautiful and majestic. And that’s a nice topiary.”

glowworm2 : “Can you blame them? Luna is perfect.”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

Multa Nocte : “Look at that anxious little face.”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het : “Who doesn’t need to see a basket full of baby otters?”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

The Alchemist : “Does it have to be a person? What about the best doggos?”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “I think my favorite is Unsinkable Two.”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

François Bouzigues : “Your dad is a unit”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

Multa Nocte : “ Can relate.”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

Jayjay : “You are a rich person! You let yourself be filled with all the wonders of others. Keep it going (I do the same, how would you ever know what you like if you don’t try?)”

Northlander72 : “Music is this for me. A lot of the music I love to this day have been gifted to me by friends and family as they have listened to it. Not all, but a significant amount.”


Image source: @Home_Halfway

Multa Nocte : “Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. 🐈”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

k1ddkanuck : “I’ve always sort of disliked them because of how badly they can ravage kelp forests… this however, is endearing. And realistically, the problem they present is because of the destruction of other species’ habitats (such as otters) that would normally predate them, at the hands of human beings.”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

Lyop : “I suspect…”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome, @Girl_by_the_Aga

Multa Nocte : “That face! ❤️ Hell, I’m stroking the screen for this face!”

Chewie Baron : “That dog is adorable.”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

Mimi La Souris : “one of my best childhood memories is an evening in Portugal, several people from the village had come to help, sitting around a pile of corn to peel it(I do not know the exact term), we exchanged gossip, jokes and singing. I loved it.”


Image source: @ingram_wallace

Jayjay : “No, they are gifts, they like you :).”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

cerinamroth : “This could have been in my village – we get cut off once a year with floods and the local firefighters probably know they have to be on their guard with some of the older ladies! :D”

That One Guy : “What happened on the wedding night? Fire?!?!”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

Multa Nocte : “I get a little anxious sometimes seeing hamsters cooped up in little cages. This makes me relax.”

Cheryl Ramsay : “I didn’t even know they made “plushy” beds this small. Looks like Hammie like it!”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

Nina : “Awesome. Where do they live though? 😅”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

Multa Nocte : “This one makes my eyes leak.”

LokisLilButterknife : “Nope, not crying. Not crying at all. Dementia is such a cruel disease (for the person diagnosed and their family) so I am so glad that these two women found one another.”


Image source: @SketchesbyBoze

Nichole Harris : “I REALLY wanna be friends with this owl”


Image source: @elle91

Lyop : “Squeals ensued!!”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

k1ddkanuck : “Please. Show me to the nearest metal box as soon as possible.”


Image source: @ShariDunawayMD

k1ddkanuck : “Now that, is a VERY good doggo.”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

Lyop : “This would be sooo cool: Well Kevin bit his sister today, so she’s currently teamed up with Brad for what I suspect is revenge!”

Nichole Harris : “I have never felt this level of jealousy before 😁”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

Shark Lady : “Currently I have a shark, a dinosaur, a mouse and a spider cuddly toy in my bed, I’ve never not had at least one cuddly keeping an eye on me.”


Image source: @yafavoriteaunty

Multa Nocte : “This teacher is gold.”


Image source: Wait…This Is Wholesome

Multa Nocte : “He is now the King of England. Sorry, Charles.”

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