Here Are The Winners And Highly Commended Photos For This Year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards (10 Pics)

Published 3 years ago

The winners of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards just got announced and you’ll be surprised to see the epic moments captured by the talented wildlife photographers. These pictures definitely prove that comedy can be found anywhere, even in the wild, if you have the eye for it.

The overall title was won by  Ken Jensen who captured a monkey in a hilarious pose. There are many other crazy and funny photos that made the winning list and were highly commended by the judges. Scroll below to look at some great pictures and don’t hesitate to laugh out loud.

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#1 Overall Competition Winner: “Ouch!” By Ken Jensen

Image source: Ken Jensen/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

“A golden silk monkey in Yunnan China – this is actually a show of aggression however in the position that the monkey is in it looks quite painful!”

#2 Creatures Under The Water Award Winner: “Time For School” By Chee Kee Teo

Image source: Chee Kee Teo

“A smooth-coated otter “bit” its baby otter to bring it back to and fro for swimming lesson.”

#3 Spectrum Photo Creatures In The Air Award And Affinity Photo People’s Choice Winner: “I Guess Summer’s Over” By John Speirs

Image source: John Speirs/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

“I was taking pics of pigeons in flight when this leaf landed on the bird’s face.”

#4 Alex Walker’s Serian Creatures On The Land Award Winner: “Ninja Prairie Dog!” By Arthur Trevino

Image source: Arthur Trevino/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

“When this Bald Eagle missed on its attempt to grab this prairie dog, the prairie dog jumped towards the eagle and startled it long enough to escape to a nearby burrow. A real David vs Goliath story!_x000D_”

#5 Amazing Internet Portfolio Award Winner: “The Joy Of A Mud Bath” By Vicki Jauron

Image source: Vicki Jauron/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

“An elephant expresses his joy in taking a mud bath against the dead trees on the shores of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe on a hot afternoon.”

#6 Video Category Winner: “Hugging Best Friend After Lockdown” By Rahul Lakhmani

Image source: Rahul Lakhmani/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

#7 Highly Commended: “Chinese Whispers” By Jan Piecha

Image source: Jan Piecha/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

“The little raccoon cups are telling secrets to each other.”

#8 Highly Commended: “Treehugger” By Jakub Hodan

“This Proboscis monkey could be just scratching its nose on the rough bark, or it could be kissing it. Trees play a big role in the lives of monkeys. Who are we to judge…”

Image source: Jakub Hodan/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

#9 Highly Commended: “I Got You” By Roland Kranitz

Image source: Roland Kranitz /Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

“I spent my days in my usual “gopher place” and yet again, these funny little animals haven’t belied their true nature.”

#10 Highly Commended: “Missed” By Lea Scaddan

Image source: Lea Scaddan/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

“Two Western Grey Kangaroos were fighting and one missed kicking him in the stomach.”

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