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Woman Tears Herself Apart In Mind-Blowing Body Art

Published 8 years ago

“Flesh tearing” is not sight I want to ever see, yet this is the body painting subject of Chilean artist Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque. Topless models are the usual prey of such artistic savagery, and he paints the women as if they were ripping themselves apart. The photographs of his art have an unsettling feel to them –an effect of crafty application of white body paint combined with white background for photographs.

Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque, who also goes by the name Maicol Jerzon when doing comedy, overcame poverty to become a successful, multifaceted artist. He has a YouTube channel, three released albums, and a line of MP4 players decorated with his graffiti. “The relationship of the painted body with the environment, or the use of the environment for the creation is amazing,” says Dinamarca. “People who see this work are initially shocked but love the idea, it causes a real visual impact.”

More info: facebook | twitter | tumblr (h/t: designyoutrust)

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Artist in action:

Martynas Klimas

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