Artist “Slices” Her Hand With Pens And Markers

Published 9 years ago

Spooky body art seems all the rage these days. Here’s Natalie Nakles sliced her hand till the bones were showing. Or rather she painted her hand with some realistic looking body art. The best effect is achieved when the appendage rests on a black background. If you look closely, you can see that it’s art, but it still retains the disquieting effect.

Natalie Nakles describes herself as a “lover of art, music, and science”. She had also appeared in season 11, episode 26 of MTV’s MADE, where she became a rock star. I guess the performance was a lot less creepy than her body art!

Speaking of gruesome body art, click here if you want to see women ripping themselves apart.

More info: facebookinstagram (h/t: laughinsquid)

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See the illusion live:

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