20 Women Of Different Body Types As Powerful Warriors

Published 4 years ago

Yael Nathan is an illustrator and comic book artist who has recently created a series of illustrations depicting women of different body types as powerful warriors. The artist says she wanted to depict strong women warriors who don’t necessarily look like the typical warriors most of us are used to seeing. “With different sizes, ages, and body types, each one feels like she has a rich backstory and history,” says Yael. You can even download the full collection of warrior women illustrations for free here!

Check out Yael’s illustrations in the gallery below and if you want more, check the comics she made along with writer Ehud Lavski here and here!

More info: gum.co | Instagram | twitter.com | Facebook

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“Big dog, little old lady.”


“Same same but different”




“A more realistic-style lady warrior joins the team”


“Annoying backpack is annoying.”


“Charmer 🐍”


“The kite-flying team!”


“That’s one fancy duck!”



“Fancy doggo 🐶”


“My Dino Racer for this month’s character design challenge. The Dino-Dakar rally is long and arduous, so the rider needs a special bond with their dinosaur. And a sword. 😃”


“Bella has a bad-ass boar 🐽”


“Tonight – a lady with a mace!”


“Buff woman and bunny”




“Where u goin’?”




“What did you say?”


“The kite-flying team!”


“A new lady warrior”


“Puppy! 🐶”

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