Artist Creates A Wooden Wall Art That Transforms Into A Functional Desk When Needed

Published 2 years ago

Robert van Embricqs, an Amsterdam-based designer, specializes in combining functionality and art. His project “Flow Wall Desk” is a unique wooden artwork that twists and unfolds into a desk. This desk can support about 40 pounds and is perfect for those who love minimalist furniture and want to save space.

In an interview with DeMilked, Robert revealed, “I graduated with the Rising Chair back in 2010 and it took me a year later before I decided to bring it on the market.”

“This is due to the fact that people showed a big interest in my work and were curious to know how I bring these pieces to life. Since then, I developed the Rising Furniture collection in which each design piece has its unique way to unfold into a functional artwork,” he added.

Check out how his wooden desk unfolds, and if you wish to buy some of his amazing works, you can visit his webshop here.

More info: Website | Instagram | Shop

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Image source: Robert van Embricqs

“The bone structure of animals and human beings has always fascinated me. It’s remarkable that a construction element can be flexible and rigid at the same time,” the designer further elaborated, “This is what I mostly try to translate into my work in which a flat piece is able to transform into a designated function. This is combined with an organized rhythm of wood.”

Image source: Robert van Embricqs

Talking about his creative process, Robert said that he believes in “finding the material boundaries, in search of logic, and making it look simple to understand for the greater audience.”

The designer added, “It always feels like a challenge during the design process but eventually, I manage to understand what the final audience like to see in the final product. Simplicity in its complexity.”

Image source: Robert van Embricqs

Image source: Robert van Embricqs

Image source: Robert van Embricqs

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