Artist Creates An Intricately Detailed Wooden Kinetic Figure Of Sisyphus Pushing The Boulder

Published 1 year ago

If you haven’t heard the classic Greek myth of Sisyphus, then here is a brief info-  Sisyphus cheated death not once but twice and then he got punished by Hades, the god of death. He cursed him to roll a boulder up the side of a mountain only for it to roll back down again as it nears the top forever.

An artist named Ross McSweeney recently designed an interesting kinetic figure of Sisyphus animating the classic story. The artist who has been making models for the last 5 years, has always loved contraptions and things that move especially marble machines. “I loved watching the marbles go down the course in various ways and then somehow come back up to the top. I started making some of my own and then I just went from there. Eventually, I changed from marble machines, to just the machines and mechanisms like my wave automata. As I work full time as a teacher I don’t have much time to spend out in the garage cutting and sanding wood so I switched to laser cutting as I can do it late at night without bothering the neighbours.”, he tells DeMilked.

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Image source: Ross McSweeney

Ross also revealed, “I don’t really know how to use modelling software so I draw all my designs in 2D and then rely on my imagination to turn them 3D. It is an incredibly strange way of designing I think but I have gotten better at it recently. When things work the way I think they should, it gives me tremendous happiness. I love seeing the final model move and work as I imagined it.”

Image source: Ross McSweeney

Image source: Ross McSweeney

Image source: Ross McSweeney

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