20 Work Safety Violations That Are Just A Step Away From Disaster

Published 3 years ago

Personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety protocols exist for a good reason: it’s to protect the workers from injuries, and in worst case scenarios, death. However, even when their life is put on the line, some workers see these safety requirements as nothing more than mere suggestions.

People over at the r/OSHA subreddit are sharing the worst safety violations they’ve spotted while on a job, and just looking at the pictures is enough to give you anxiety. Check out a collection of people who clearly never heard the term “safety first” in the gallery below!

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#1 No Health And Safety Back In The Day. Guy Painting Blackpool Tower In The UK

Image source: Djblue23

#2 The Best Sign

Image source: Thecalmsoldier

#3 Welcome Time Traveler, Thank You For Sharing Your Futuristic Technology With Us

Image source: KotAufmBrot

#4 Just Started As The Safety Guy Of A New Plant. We’ve Got A Little Ways To Go…

Image source: dongbroker

#5 Not Sure What This Is Warning Against, But It Looks Bad!

Image source: elquesogrande1

#6 This Is Up To Code Right?

Image source: hellbent54

#7 Sometimes You Just Got To Get Er’ Done!

Image source: chylin73

#8 What Not To Do

Image source: Superpilotdude

#9 What Is The Name Of This Stacking Game?

Image source: KotAufmBrot

#10 Ken And Barbie Are Gonna Look A Lot Less Nice When They Land On Their Faces

Image source: snbrd512

#11 If Only There Was Some Indication That This Door Shouldn’t Be Blocked. Have A Lowes Safe Day!

Image source: Boydapalooza

#12 The Dog Leash Is Safe. Promise

Image source: LordSandrake

#13 My Dad A Few Years Back

Image source: Johnson98520

#14 Mobile Ground For Your Ground Wire

Image source: Crazed_Archivist

#15 Good Luck With Troubleshooting

Image source: KotAufmBrot

#16 The Asphalt Being Rolled At The Telladaga Speedway. 1969

Image source: Browndog888

#17 Should We Tell Them?

Image source: Superpilotdude

#18 Better Call Todd

Image source: stonkinverser

#19 Leaning On The Everlasting Arms

Image source: yurnotsoeviltwin

#20 Stand On Your Tip Toes!

Image source: Twostarjones

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