The World’s Youngest Master Penman Shows The Beauty Of An Old Craft

Published 9 years ago

My handwriting is nigh illegible. So it’s extremely impressive to see the work of Jake Weidmann. He’s one of the dozen master penmen as recognized by the IAMPETH organization, and by far the youngest one. His work with letters is amazing, with clean, crisp lines and wonderful, ordered script. Weidmann’s control of the muscles and joints in his hands in unbelievable.

“When people tell me ‘you make it look so easy’, I often think ‘well, you weren’t there when I was up till four-thirty in the morning slaving away at it’” Weidmann said in an interview for Uproxx. His mastery is the result of extreme practice: he writes each letter hundreds of times until he’s finally able to do it without thinking – only then reproducing it on an art piece,.

“It was done without thinking” is something people say about my handwriting, and it’s no compliment.

More info: | facebook | instagram | twitter (h/t: colossal)

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