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Interior Design

17 Of The Most Dreamlike Houses On Earth

This compilation of the most dreamlike, magical and surreal houses around the world shows just how far our imagination can take us when we want to make our dreams a reality.

20 Secret Rooms That Bring Fantasy Into Everyday Life

From the time we first read “Alice in Wonderland” or see our first spy movie with secret panic rooms or ghostly castles, we imagine secret rooms to be something remarkable, mystical and ultimately unachievable. However, secret rooms and passages can also be found in the privacy of our neighbours’ houses - even today.

Man Spends $35,000 To Turn His House Into The Playground For His 18 Cats

There is a house in Goleta, California, where an unidentified man lives with his 18 cats. He recently spent $35,000 to renovate his house, turning it into a true paradise for both him and his feline friends. Four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms and a gorgeous palm-tree backyard were enhanced for the pets to...

Austrian Artist Reinvents Door With Innovative 4 Folding Triangle Design

Artist Klemens Torggler has reinvented one of the most fundamental pieces of any home – the door. The artist's brilliant door design, called “Evolution Door,” is made of four triangular panels that elegantly open and close with only a light flip.

21 Creative Furniture Design Ideas For Pets

We spend a lot of time decorating and renovating our homes, but we often forget to customize them for the specific needs of our pets. Luckily, there are highly creative furniture designs for our beloved pets that are easily combined into our homes' existing interiors.

Glass Office Makes Employees Feel Like They‘re In The Middle Of The Woods

This unusual office building is an excellent example of sustainable architecture. The office is friendly both to the environment and to employees, which makes it an inspiring piece of architecture that most of us would love to work in.

Playful and Quirky Furniture By South Korean Sculptor Lila Jang

Lila Jang is a marvellous young Seoul-born sculptor who creates 18th century French furniture that seem to be caught in the middle of a surreal show. Her chair dances, her canapé climbs up the wall and her armchair looks like an arrogant snob with its over-the-top puffy elbows that make it difficult for anyone to...

Rooms Turned Into Cat Playgrounds by Goldtatze

Have you ever wondered how does your home might look to your beloved feline friends? Is it as comfortable and cozy for them as it is for you? If you haven't given this much thought, don't worry – Goldtatze (Gold Paw), a German company that builds custom-made overhead playgrounds for cats, does the work...

Untouched Parisian Apartment Opened After 70 Years Yields A Painting Worth $3.4M

In 1942, the owner of one Parisian apartment left her home for Southern France, trying to escape a Nazi raid. Although she never returned to the apartment, she kept paying the rent until her death at the age of 91. Interestingly, the owner of the apartment was the granddaughter of Marthe de Florian - a...

Impressive Steampunk Cafe Opened In Cape Town

The Truth Coffee company in Cape Town has created a one-of-a-kind steampunk café to attract visitors who want a great cup of brew and a taste of alternate history. The café, designed with the help of Haldane Martin, features historical gizmos and gadgets like gear tables, old phones, and plenty of brass and copper tubing....

Graffiti Furniture by Dudeman

Toronto-based artist Dudeman gives your home the ultimate urban feel by bringing street art indoors, and presents his stylish graffiti furniture.

Chandelier Transforms a Room Into a Spooky Forest

When you turn it on, a white bunch of tangled roots and branches casts 360 degree shadows transforming your entire room look into a spooky forest.