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Interior Design

Cat Bed Made To Look Like Super Mario’s Chain Chomp Monster

Is your cat a fan of Super Mario Bros.? Then it would love to sleep in this Chain Chomp monster bed!

Creative Dad Makes His Son An Epic Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bed

May the Fourth be with you! And while we're at it, let's have a peek at this awesome Star Wars bed. Started about a year ago, the bed was built by Peter McGowan and Edward McGovan for Peter's son.

3D Floors That Will Bring An Ocean Into Your Home

Tiles are so yesterday. What you really need are some 3D epoxy polymer floors.

A DIY Fruit Bowl Made From Melted Plastic Army Men

Did you ever play with toy soldiers when you were little? Well, now you can put them to a less violent use, with Mike Pinder's DIY Plastic Army Men Fruit Bowl.

10-Piece Stackable Brain Specimen Coaster Set Perfect For Any Party

The head is the best place for the brain to be, unless you have a Futurama brain jar. However, these Brain Specimen Coasters are a good way to bring some brains to your party.

His Girlfriend Banned Geeky Stuff From The House, This Is How He Responded

Girlfriends and boyfriends do not always see eye to eye – especially when Star Wars and video games are on the line. This lady tried to bar his boyfriend from bringing any geeky stuff into the house. Tried.

Angry Owl Candle Burns Away To Reveal An Aluminum Skeleton

The owl is the most regal predator of the night. To honor them, Robert Scott of Skeleton Candles is making owl candles with a spooky surprise inside.

Cookie Monster Rug And Cookie Pillows That Can Be Made In Under An Hour

Cookie Monster is probably the most relatable of all the Muppets. After all, who doesn’t want to eat cookies all the time? That's why 'mikeasaurus' made a DIY Cookie Monster Rug and Cookie Pillows!

Bored Employee Uses 8,024 Post-It Notes To Transform Boring Office

Plain old office walls driving you mad? Then you understand why Ben Brucker got his coworkers to decorate them with superhero murals!

Recycled Animal X-Rays Turned Into Awesome Lampshade

What does one do with old animal x-rays? Make lampshades out of them, of course!

2,300-Flower Garden Detects Visitors And Lifts Flowers When A Person Walks Through It

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are an old world wonder. But the Floating Flower Garden by the Japanese art collective teamLab is definitely a modern wonder.

Redesigned Buses Look Like Coffee Shops On Wheels

Another one rides the bus. And buses by Leap Transit are special: instead of mass transit, they‘re aiming for comfort.