35 People Who Decided To Transform Their Homes With Their DIY Renovation Skills

Published 1 month ago

In the realm of home improvement, there exists a special breed of enthusiasts – those who, armed with determination, creativity, and a touch of elbow grease, set out to transform their living spaces into reflections of their dreams.

From simple fixes to ambitious overhauls, these DIY warriors breathe new life into their homes, turning mundane spaces into showcases of ingenuity and personal flair. Here, we celebrate 35 individuals who have embarked on remarkable DIY renovation journeys, inspiring others to roll up their sleeves and unleash their inner designers.

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#1 Before And After Living And Dining Room

Image source: gereon1001

#2 We Moved Into A House And The Stairs Were Scary. So We Changed Them

Image source: damienlaughton

#3 Now And Then Of Our Living Room In A Small Victorian Terrace. Bristol UK

Image source: jwilkosteel

#4 Before And After Of Our Florida Sunroom

Image source: Lue_Ouija

#5 No Turning Back Half-Wall Book Shelf

Image source: HighlandAve

#6 Pantry Redo

Image source: OneIShot

#7 Bathroom Renovation Is Complete In Our Century Home

Image source: abstract01

#8 Turned Basement Into Bedroom

Image source: Cautious_Possible_18

#9 Before And After “Pantry” Area

Image source: Jealous_Buffalo_4962

#10 When I Bought This House, The Kitchen Was A Filthy Little Room You’d Want To Wash After Setting Foot In. It Took About 10 Months To Fix The Place Up. I Am Absolutely In Love With It Now

Image source: hilber_4

#11 My Mudroom, Before And After

Image source: spitz_mitz, spitz_mitz

#12 Thought You All Could Appreciate My Parents’ Before And After Shot Of Their Living Room. When They First Moved In, To Now

Image source: Skarlzen_art

#13 My Wife And I Are Finally Seeing The Vision Come To Life

Image source: ivaclue, ivaclue

#14 Basement Bar, Before And After, Chicago

Image source: interpoly

#15 It Took Me 3 Months To Complete The Bathroom. I’m Quite Proud Of Myself For Finally Completing It

Image source: Falconballfiddler

I had to rip it all out and decided to do everything myself, from plastering to tiling and plumbing. It was very stressful, and I don’t think I’d ever do it again.

#16 Complete 2nd Floor Renovation. I Can’t Believe I Did It! I’m So Proud

Image source: zinoe_49

#17 My Living Room, Before And After

Image source: ubetart

#18 Before And After Of Bathroom And Ensuite – First Big Job Done In Our Victorian Terrace House

Image source: blissingmeee

#19 Small, But Tall Laundry Room. Before And After

Image source: JadeR86

#20 We Renovated Our Bathroom

Image source: ayepeyday

#21 DIY Guest Room Makeover

Image source: makingsoup

#22 The Process Of Taking Down Our Kitchen Wall And Creating More Of An Open Layout From The Kitchen To The Dining Room. We Love How Spacious This Feels

Image source: JenniRiccetti

#23 My 5-Week Condo Renovation

Image source: rightcoastguy

#24 My Green Bedroom, Edinburgh, UK

Image source: EspressoMartini9

#25 A Complete Kitchen Renovation In Our 1870 Farmhouse

Image source: greentroit

#26 The Before And After

Image source: karentempler

#27 We Just Completed Our First Full Kitchen Renovation In A Flat And Learned A Lot Of Lessons Along The Way, But We Think It Looks Good

Image source: AnotherAnxiousBrit

#28 Before And After Of The Living Room In Our Edwardian House. We Bought This House Last July As A Real Doer-Upper. There’s Still So Much To Do, But We’re Really Happy With This Room

Image source: HarrietGirl

We did a full rewire, stripped the wallpaper, re-lined the walls and painted, pulled up the carpets, sanded and oiled the floors, stripped the doors, replaced the fireplace with a salvaged one of the same era, and fitted a new ceiling rose.

#29 I Converted A Disastrous Hall Closet Into A Tiny Home Office

Image source: jasonpolevoi

#30 I Took 8 Months Remodeling My Walk-In Closet With Custom Built-In Cabinets

Image source: russdiculous

#31 My Budget Temporary Kitchen Renovation With Hand-Painted Countertops

Image source: Malassah

#32 Before And After: Victorian Living Room, Baltimore

Image source: kosherkenny

#33 Before And After Living Room, South West Germany

Image source: allihearissirens

#34 Just Finished Small Bathroom Remodel (Before And After)

Image source: BulkySector5256

#35 2 Days Of Work For £400 In Labor For A Proper Grafter. I Almost Felt Bad For Him, But He Seemed Happy To Crack On. I Was Really Impressed And Pleased With His Work

Image source: guzusan

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