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Domestic Bliss: A Mother’s Darkly Humorous Family Portraits

Susan Copich is a commercial actress, dancer, photographer, and mother of two who created a satirical photo series called “Domestic Bliss” that highlights the not-so-shiny side of family life.

Ode To Lithuanian Forests In Eerie Portraits By Photographer Raggana

Lithuanian photographer-witch Raggana is the master behind these beautifully surreal portraits that pay tribute to the complicated yet beautiful connection between humans and nature.

Photographer Takes “Selfeets” On The Most Amazing Floors

This anonymous Instagram profile, aptly named “I Have This Thing With Floors,” accepts submissions of photos (and/or photos its own) of the most interesting, creative, vivid, and ornate floors in the world - as long as they've got feet standing on them.

Photographer Couple Carry Their Kids On Their Backs While Capturing Gorgeous Landscapes

Dylan Toh and Marianne Lim are a talented and devoted couple of photographers and parents who know how to manage these two passions at the same time.

Wanderlust And Natural Beauty In Spectacular Landscape Photography By Elizabeth Gadd

21-year-old Canadian photographer Elizabeth Gadd creates breathtaking landscape photos with solitary wanderers embracing their majestic natural surroundings.

The Real People Behind The Military Uniforms

Photographer and self-proclaimed Photoshop illusionist Devin Mitchell invites us to take a closer look at those who serve in the U.S. military and spend most of their time hiding their true identities behind their uniforms.

Russian Mining Engineer Photographs Arctic Foxes During His Work Breaks

Ivan Kislov is a Russian mining engineer who works in a remote North-Eastern Chukotka region in the Arctic Tundra. During the breaks of his long shifts at work, though, Kislov turns to his other passion for relaxation – wild animal photography. Here's a collection of his most stunning photos of wild arctic foxes.

55-Year-Old Slavik Is The Most Stylish Homeless Man In Ukraine

Most big cities around the world have exceptional homeless people who become urban celebrities through their eccentric looks and/or behavior. In Lviv, Ukraine, Slavik is that man. Even though he’s homeless, he has quite the taste for clothes and fashion.

Warm And Inspiring Dog Portraits By Alicja Zmyslowska

Alicja Zmyslowska has one of the most heartwarming jobs ever – she’s a professional dog photographer. The Polish photographer takes magnificent portraits of dogs that look supremely happy and relaxed, as if they are being photographed by their best human friend.

Brothers Recreate Their Childhood Photos As A Sweet Anniversary Present For Their Parents

Here‘s a fun way to congratulate your parents on their wedding anniversary – gather your siblings around and recreate your childhood photos! That's what these two brothers did when they wanted to surprise their parents with something original and sweet for the 46th anniversary of their special day.

Find Momo: Can You Spot The Dog In All Of These Photos?

Remember Momo, the absolutely beautiful and cute dog that can’t stop hiding in the most intricate landscapes and cityscapes? We previously wrote about his cute adventures (part I and part II), and now he’s back with more photos of his never-ending passion for hide-and-seek, captured by owner and Ontario-based graphic designer Andrew Knapp.

4-Year-Old Boy, Son of National Geographic Photographer, Does The American West

Hawkeye Huey is only 4 years old, which probably makes him one of the youngest photographers in the world. Being the son of famed Nation Geographic photographer Aaron Huey certainly has its advantages, as it was he who introduced his son to the art, craft and passion of photography so early in his life.