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The Photo Adventures Of A Dog And His Human Traveling Around USA

Illustrator John Stortz and his gorgeous dog Wolf travel around the most spectacular places in the USA and capture their bliss on photos. Wolf, whose full name is Wolfgang, is the main model in John’s photos - he seems to pose however the photographer wishes, as long as there are delicious cheese sticks on...

18 Amazing Entries To 2015 Sony Photography Awards In Open Category

The Sony World Photography Awards are one of the greatest and most respectable annual photography competitions for amateurs and professionals in the field. We are glad to present you with 18 of the best entries from the Open category.

Norway, The Land Of Fjords, Trolls, And Vikings

If you haven’t visited this heavenly country, here are 28 pretty solid reasons for you to visit Norway as soon as you can!

The Motions Of Kayaking, Canoeing, And Swimming Captured With LED Lights And Long Exposure

Stephen Orlando is a Canada-based photographer who captures the movements of swimming, kayaking, and canoeing using colorful and programmable LED lights attached to the paddles or to the swimmers' bodies and long exposure photography.

23 Breathtaking Ice and Snow Formations

Winter is a crazy artist that harnesses the ice, wind and snow to create perfect art like that seen in these 23 remarkable examples. Take a look at these photos of winter’s creations and get inspired to embrace the season and all that it has to give.

Adrenaline Junkies Put A Hand-Woven Net 400 ft Up And 200 ft Out From The Cliffs To Climb And Dive

Utah-based group of BASE jumping, slacklining, and rock climbing athletes and filmmakers, gathered for the annual Turkey BASE Boogie to make this epic pentagon space net hanging 400 ft above the ground and 200 ft from the edge of the cliffs.

Astrophotographer Captures The Milky Way Shining In All Its Glory Over The Devils Tower

This amazing shot of a night sky with the Milky Way Galaxy hanging over the Devil's Tower in the prairies of Wyoming (Western USA) was captured in all of its glory by Kansas-based astrophotographer Dave Lane.

Domestic Bliss: A Mother’s Darkly Humorous Family Portraits

Susan Copich is a commercial actress, dancer, photographer, and mother of two who created a satirical photo series called “Domestic Bliss” that highlights the not-so-shiny side of family life.

Ode To Lithuanian Forests In Eerie Portraits By Photographer Raggana

Lithuanian photographer-witch Raggana is the master behind these beautifully surreal portraits that pay tribute to the complicated yet beautiful connection between humans and nature.

Photographer Takes “Selfeets” On The Most Amazing Floors

This anonymous Instagram profile, aptly named “I Have This Thing With Floors,” accepts submissions of photos (and/or photos its own) of the most interesting, creative, vivid, and ornate floors in the world - as long as they've got feet standing on them.

Photographer Couple Carry Their Kids On Their Backs While Capturing Gorgeous Landscapes

Dylan Toh and Marianne Lim are a talented and devoted couple of photographers and parents who know how to manage these two passions at the same time.

Wanderlust And Natural Beauty In Spectacular Landscape Photography By Elizabeth Gadd

21-year-old Canadian photographer Elizabeth Gadd creates breathtaking landscape photos with solitary wanderers embracing their majestic natural surroundings.