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Adorable Photobooth Portraits Help Shelter Dogs Find Permanent Homes

Cats are undeniable kings and queens of both cute and internet, so they have easier time when it comes to adoption. But dogs need a little help - sometimes from photographer Guinnevere Shuster.

Hilarious Portraits Of Jim Carrey Imitating Celebs in 1992

Jim Carrey is one the greatest comedic actors out there. But he wasn‘t always that famous, and these pictures show him imitating celebrities in 1992.

Sea Gypsies: Hidden Tribe In Borneo Lives In Its Own Paradise

Some people get sea sick even thinking about boats. But Bajau people spent their lives on waves, and French photographer Rehahn managed to snap some pictures these people.

1970s Harlem Comes Alive In Vibrant Vintage Photos By Jack Garofalo

Vintage photography is sort of like a time machine. So let’s take a to July, 1970 when Jack Garofalo roamed Harlem.

Mountains Of Water: Majestic Beauty Of Waves Captured By Ray Collins

Most of us have witnessed waves crash on the surf. But Ray Collins is really interested in the wave before and during the crash – and that‘s how we get pictures of wave looking like mountain peaks.

The Life Of Mongolian Reindeer People Captured In Stunning Photographs

Mongolia is best known for angry horsemen. But Hamid Sardar-Afkhami has chosen to document the lives of the peaceful, reindeer herding Dukha people.

Couple Travels The World To Get Married In 38 Different Places Around The World In 83 Days

Tradition says to marry your couple once, in one place, and maybe 25 years later you can renew your vows. This couple says NAY to that and get married their own way.

The Most Iconic Photos In History Recreated As Miniature Dioramas

What do photographers do between assignment? Well, Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger started recreating some of the most famous photography via miniatures!

Photographer Captures Dream-Like Pictures Of Husky Playing On A Frozen Lake

Huskies have the perfect balance of both cuteness and being dog sized. And in the photographs by Kirovsk based Fox Grom, they appear to tread on water, too!

Photo Series Proves That New Yorkers Will Read Books Absolutely Anywhere

While I have yet to master the art of reading while walking, I have read in many quirky places. So have these New Yorkers, as depicted in these photographs by Lawrence Schwartzwald.

Sphynx Cat Portraits Show What‘s Really Happening Beneath All That Fur

One of the defining features of cat is the fur (and shedding). However, photographer Alicia Rius decided to take a look at Sphynx Cats, notorious for their lack of fur.

A Canopy Walkway In Cape Town Allows You To Walk Above The Trees

Walking under trees is nice and all, but it's also very usual. That's why Kirstenbosch Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway in Cape Town (South Africa) is so uso much fun: it snakes its way above the tree canopy.