Neil Patrick Harris And His Family Won Halloween 7 Years In A Row And We Can’t Wait For This Year

Published 7 years ago

While some of us just rehash our old Halloween costumes every year, others like to go an extra mile (or two) to compete for the best costume trophy. Just like Neil Patrick Harris and his family, who for 7 years now have been pushing the envelope with their awesome cosplay.

From Star Wars to the Wizard of Oz, this family digs the challenge of transforming themselves into fictional characters, and in these cases not for some show, but simply for themselves to enjoy.

What do you think they’re preparing for this year?

(h/t boredpanda)

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Peter Pan In 2011

The Wizard Of Oz In 2012

Alice In Wonderland In 2013

The Frankenstein’s Monster, Wolfman, The Bride of Frankenstein and Dracula In 2013

Halloween From Gotham City In 2014

Star Wars In 2015

Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, Marilyn Monroe, And James Dean In 2016

Needless to say, everyone is eagerly waiting for this year’s costume!


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