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Every Year, These Friends Dress Up As The Roles Of One Famous Actor

Published 5 years ago

Deciding on your Halloween costume can be hard. Not for these gals, though: they always go dressed up like characters played by one actor. This year, they paid tribute to Robin Williams by dressing like his characters, such as Mrs. Doubtfire, the Genie (the actor provided the voice), Peter Pan and others. The ladies began with Johnnie Depp in 2012 and have been doing it every year since.

“Auburnkay” posted these images on imgur, and she might be the brain behind the operation, as she also likes coordinating her costumes with her husband (when she’s not out with the other girls, that is). If you want to see other inventive Halloween costumes, you can see the ones by a one-legged motivational speaker here, those built for wheelchair-bound children here, and a radical Mad Max wheelchair cosplay costume here.

More info: (h/t: neatorama)

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“Auburnkay” and her friends wear costumes inspired by roles of a different famous actor every year – this year, it’s Robbin Williams


2012: Johnny Depp


Raoul Duke (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), The Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland), Sweeny Todd (Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street), Cry-Baby, Edward Scissor Hands, Willie Wonka (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

2013: Jim Carrey


Mr. Popper (Mr. Popper’s Penguins), Lloyd Christmas (Dumb and Dumber), The Cable Guy, Stanley Ipkiss (The Mask), The Grinch (Dr Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas), Ace Ventura, The Riddler (Batman Forever)

2014: Will Ferrel


Buddy (Elf), Chazz Michael Michaels (Blades of Glory), Mugatu (Zoolander), Ron Burgundy (Anchorman), Steve Butabi (Night at the Roxbury), Jackie Moon (Semi Pro), Ricky Bobby (Talladega Nights)

2015: Robin Williams


Mrs Doubtfire, Mork (Mork and Mindy), Alan (Jumanji), Popeye, Peter Pan (Hook), Genie (Aladin), Armand Goldman (The Birdcage)

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