30 Of The Most Epic Neck Tattoos

Published 5 years ago

When it comes to neck tattoos, many people are rather skeptical – some associate them with gangs or prison, while others believe that a neck tattoo means instant unemployment. But that isn’t always the case – and these creative people proved that neck tattoos can be as tasteful as any other tattoos.

From mesmerizing patterns and optical illusions to tiny animals and flower petals, check out the most creative neck tattoos in the gallery below! And if you want more tattoo inspiration, see the most stunning spine tattoos here!

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#1 Tiny Leaf Twig Tattoo Design

Image source: sparrowflies_agnezvirblyte

#2 Neck Tattoo

Image source: ahmet_cambaz

#3 Choker Snake Tattoo

Image source: sv__a

#4 Mini Tattoo

Image source: juandesco92

#5 Raven Tattoo

Image source: tattooraven

#6 Flower On The Neck

Image source: frankdotwork

#7 Amazing Neck Tattoo

Image source: beephillips__

#8 Optical Illusion Neck Tattoo

Image source: jaguar_tattooartist

#9 Loving The Depth On This One

Image source: leadthefollowers

#10 Plant Tattoo

Image source: bicemsinik

#11 Little Bird Neck Tattoo

Image source: panterart

#12 Phase Two Of My Dream Tattoo By Silvia! I Am Just So In Love!!

Image source: zaftigfatale

#13 No Tear Tattoo

Image source: minie._.chan

#14 Adorable Tattoo Design

Image source: sa.maiburova

#15 Little Blue Bird Tattoo

Image source: popackane

#16 A Jumping Cat Neck Tattoo

Image source: giadaknox_tattoo

#17 Floral Neck Tattoo

Image source: mandalatattoostudio

#18 Branch Of Olive

Image source: pissaro_tattoo

#19 Swallow Tattoo

Image source: ahmet_cambaz

#20 First Tattoo At The New Shop!! Loving This Bright Brick Wall For Photos

Image source: ashleynicoletattoos

#21 Neck Tattoo

Image source: duc.ttt

#22 Creation Of Adam Neck Tattoo

Image source: girlwiththefoxtattoo

#23 Large Spider Web Tattoo

Image source: danielbacz

#24 Magpie Neck Tattoo

Image source: s.mancinotattoo

#25 Dot-Work Neck Tattoo

Image source: michelemalin

#26 Freehand Full Body Tattoo

Image source: joshuawestwick

#27 A Story Of Love, War And Sacrifice, With Two Endings

Image source: w.y.e.r

#28 Doberman Tattoo Design

Image source: conjvro

#29 Medusa Was Once A Beautiful Mortal Who Was Turned Into A Dreadful Monster By Athena After An Ill-Fated Love Affair With Poseidon

Image source: puedmag_inkpire

#30 Ornamental Neck Tattoo

Image source: pat_shanty

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