Amazing Watercolor Tattoos By A Czech Artist That Only Does One Tattoo A Day

Published 9 years ago

Watercolor paintings inspire Ondrej Konupcik’s tattoos. His style has been described as art brut, and he doesn’t disagree. His tattoos look like watercolor paintings interspersed with sketch lines – he uses those to plan his paintings. Konupcik’s methods take a lot of time, and as such, he only does one tattoo a day to devote all of his time and effort.

Ondrej Konupcik, who also goes by ONDRASH, is also known for his care for clients. “He’d rather use the time face-to-face with his client so that, together, they can brainstorm the perfect idea,” one cliented recounted the meeting with 31-year-old Czech. “This meant so much to me. Someone who cared enough about his work and his clients to give them all that time. I’d never heard of any tattoo artist who does that.”

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“I work on one customer a day so I have enough time for each person”


 “I have no catalogs”


“I like to draw tattoos directly onto skin of the customers, as if they are tailor-made”


“The customer writes me what they wish and I draw it for them”


“The lines then perfectly fit with the curves”


“I see it very personally—often as a legacy of experiences and feelings of my client”


“Almost every tattoo I’ve done, I could tell you the story behind it”


“It is my task in the design process to illustrate exactly what the client has long desired for their own original tattoo”






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