Colorful Flower Tattoos That Look Like Watercolor Paintings

Published 8 years ago

Prepare your eyes for the extraordinary tattoo artist from South Korea – Silo. You’ll be hard-pressed to find resemblances to the classic black ink tattoos as he uses soft colors to turn his tattoos into watercolor paintings.

Every design is unique as they are inspired by the stories of his clients:

There are lots of stories around these tattoos. People tell me what and why they want and I turn their stories into designs. I put my heart even into the smallest tattoos,” Silo said to Bored Panda.

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More info: | instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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“The flower tattoo on feet symbolises something new and fresh here, in Korea,” said Silo


“This girl had a rough life, so I designed these flowers wishing her new and happy start”


“Tattoo culture is a little different in Korea”


“There were times when it was illegal, so I went to Australia and Thailand to learn about tattoo art”


“Once back I wanted to learn more by myself”


“I think that learning never actually stops and even now, 10 ears after, I still learn something new every day”


“Most challenging part about being a tattooist is the battle with myself”


“I wasn’t born an artist, I became one”


“It’s 1% talent and 99% work”


“If I ever get lazy, my life as a tattooist is over”


“But for now, I turn peoples’ stories into designs and put my heart into their tattoos”



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