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Freezing Weather Turns Ocean Waves Into Slush

Seas are only warm around tropical paradise islands and people with poor bladder control. However, a Nantucket photographer Johnathan Nimerfroh witnessed the sea almost at its coldest - the waves were actually turning into slush!

25 Of The Best Shortlisted Photos From The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

Some photographers want more recognition than a paltry few likes and inane comments from friends. These are the kind of individuals who get selected for the Sony World Photography Awards 2015 shortlist.

100 Years Project: Photographer Captures Portraits Of People From 1 To 100 Years Of Age

Russia is a strange land, and a very big land. Keen Heick-Abildhauge lived there for some time and wanted to show its people to the world. Thus One Hundred Years "The Russian Portrait" project was born. A hundred pictures of Russians aged 1 to 100 tells a shifting story of dreams and images.

In Love For More Than 50 Years: Couples Pose For Heartwarming Photo Series

When you're about 20 years old, it's hard to imagine couples that stayed together for more than three years. But photographer Lauren Fleishman aimed at ones that had been in love for far far longer: her book The Lovers is all about couples who had been together for more than 50 years.

Working Dogs: Photographer Shows Some Of The Toughest Jobs For Canines

Cats might lounge around all day long and plan murder (or more lounging), but many dogs get to work. Photographer Andrew Fladeboe travelled to Norway and New Zealand to take pictures of various working dogs for his project The Shepherd’s Realm.

Mind Bending Optical Illusions By Swedish Artist Erik Johansson

Photographer and photoshopper Erik Johansson's work looks like beautiful, normal pictures at first, but once the optical illusions he draws are done with you, you'll be screaming, 'My eyes! My beautiful eyes!'

Russian Photographer Takes Pictures Of Squirrels Going NUTS In The Snow

Squirrels are funny little critters that flit around trees like little brown flashes. Vadim Trunov, a Russian photographer, got pictures of some of these little rascals playing in the snow.

Photographer Reveals How Mothers’ Bodies Look After Birth

Pregnancy and birth have some side effects on mothers' bodies, but photographer Jade Beall is out there to prove that they are still beautiful. Her photographs show mothers in all their uncovered, unedited glory - including stretch marks and children. They don't seem regretful.

Frozen Sand Towers Carved By Strong Winds On The Shores Of Lake Michigan

Photographer Joshua Nowicki was there to capture the strange army of frozen towers that materialized last weekend. These alien formations are actually towers of frozen sand carved by wind on the shores of Lake Michigan - natural beauty at its best!

Romanian Photographer Travels 37 Countries To Take Pictures Of Women and Show That Beauty Is Everywhere

Mihaela Noroc of Romania decided to travel the world (on the cheap) and create an Atlas of Beauty to see how beauty looks around the world. Her photo series shows a wide variety of beautiful women in their environment and clothing of choice. The result is more impressive and beautiful than any Miss Universe pageant....

Watch The Smallest Rodeo Ever As This Tiny Frog Tries To Ride A Beetle

Sure, riding a horse might be fun, but who wouldn't want a flying mount? This frog certainly did! Photographer Hendy Mp captured the hilarious spectacle of a frog trying to ride a beetle.

Tragic Photographs of Parents Giving Their Last Goodbye to their Lost Babies

Few things break the parent's hearth as loss of an infant or still birth. So much grief, and yet no one right way to grieve. So these families have chosen a solemn and beautiful way to do it: they immortalize the lives that could have been by taking family photos with their lost infants.