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Dry Dog Wet Dog: Photographer Takes Portraits Of Pooches Before And After Bath Time

Wet dogs usually spell a wet disaster, especially when they shake themselves dry. Yet this didn’t deter Serenah Hodson from making the 'Dry Dog Wet Dog' portrait series!

Christina In Red: 1913 Color Photos Show That People Lived In Color Even 100 Years Ago

1913, one year before the Great War, wasn't the best time for colored photography. But Mervyn O'Gorman still managed to take wonderful colored pictures of his daughter Christina.

Stunning Photos Of Calbuco Volcano Eruption In Chile That Forced 1,500 To Evacuate

Volcano eruptions are, as a rule, spectacular events. And Calbuco volcano in Chile has erupted twice in the last day.

Dad Documents His Twin Daughters Having Twice The Fun

Having a twin is like having a natural friend who, as a bonus, looks just like you. And Akira Oozawa, a graphic designer, continues taking pictures of his identical daughters having childhood fun.

Scientists Find Kermit The Frog High In The Jungles Of Costa Rica

Kermit the Frog is one of the most recognizable denizens of the Sesame Street. And now, a scientist group discovered a frog that looks just like him.

Photographer Dad Makes His Kid With Down Syndrome Fly In A Heartwarming Project

Everybody wants to fly, especially the kids. And ‘Wil Can fly’ is a very special project about a flying boy.

Beautiful Photos Of Cool Tattooed Parents With Their Children

Getting a tattoo is the traditional means of teenage rebellion. These kids have no such luck – their parents are already inked!

Powerful Images Show The Terrible Effects Of Overpopulation

There are more than seven billion souls now alive on Earth – and the planet is suffering. An environmental NGO Global Population Speak Out has produced a photo book documenting the planets woes.

Mom Captures Photos Of Her Brave Daughters To Show Girls That ‘Strong Is The New Pretty’

Why force a girl to play with dolls and toy ovens when she might be reasonably interested in toy soldiers? Kate Parker thinks the same as she documents her daughters being free to be… themselves!

Artist Photographs Happy Childhood Moments Of Kids Around The Block

Children have an almost supernatural ability to be happy. And Adrian McDonald took some time to to photograph the joyous daily lives of his neighbor children.

Photographer Shoots Angry Lion Pic Moments Before It Jumped To Attack Him

A lion is the king of all he surveys, and he’ll protect his realm from anyone - including photographers! That’s how Atif Saeed managed to take this stunning picture of an angry lion!

This Photographer Spent 2 Years Taking Breathtaking Drone Pictures That Would Be Illegal Today

Previously, bird's-eye view photography was only available through expensive plane rides and balloon stunts. Quadcopters and drones changed the equation, and Amos Chapple spent two years travelling the world and taking photos with his remote-control friend.