Serbian artist Dušan Krtolica is widely considered a prodigy because of his ability to draw like a master at only 11 years of age. His highly detailed black and white pen-and-pencil drawings mainly focus on animals from a very wide range of species.

The fifth grader reportedly began drawing at the age of two and had two national solo exhibitions by the time he turned eight. Demonstrating an exceptionally brilliant knack for biology and visual stimuli, he mainly draws animals of various species both living and extinct.

“I would have studied animals and published a book about them, but I’m going to draw all of them,” said Krtolica. Despite his striking talent and ability to create rich, powerful, and arresting worlds with his drawings, the young artist claims he wants to be a zoologist when he grows up. There’s no doubt that he would succeed there as well, as he has already memorized an encyclopedia’s worth of animals in just three weeks.

Source: WebsiteFacebook (h/t: OdittyCentral)