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20 Unbelievable Photos Of Pollution In China

When you take a look at the pictures below, you can begin to understand how China is one of those places where 16,000 dead pigs can be found floating down the river.

Nessie Ladle Is the Cutest Monster to Ever Swim In Your Soup

If you think your soup pot could use some more cuteness and monsters, you’re in luck – here comes the Loch Ness monster ladle! It’s the cutest Scottish-monster-inspired cooking utensil out there and it can take a swim in your soup.

23 Mind-Bending Paintings By Canadian Artist Rob Gonsalves

Rob Gonsalves is a famous Canadian artist whose works are recognizable for their magic realism and well-planned optical illusions. One image melts into another and comes back again full circle, playing with our minds by creating irrational dream worlds.

25 Of The Best Award-Winning Wedding Photographs Of 2014

See the most artistic, funny, and emotional wedding photos from all around the world that have won the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographer contest throughout 2014.

Artist Reimagines Zodiac Characters As Vicious Monsters

USA-based digital artist Damon Hellandbrand has created a wonderful series depicting Zodiac characters as menacing, nightmarish monsters - the way they might have looked when strolling an Earth inhabited by ancient gods.

Artist Shows That We’re All Human By Depicting World Leaders Doing Their “Duty”

Italy-based artist Cristina Guggeri created a provocative digital photo series showing how some of the world's most famous (and infamous) leaders might look like when they're using their restrooms.

Photographer Freezes Dancer In Time As She Performs In Bursts Of Powder

Brussels-based photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte captured the spectacular dance movements of a professional acrobatic dancer interacting with impressive explosions of powder.

Artist Paints Rooms With Murals That Glow Under Blacklight

Vienna-based artist Bogi Fabian paints exceptional murals that look different under three different lighting conditions: in the daylight, in the dark, and under UV light.

26 Of The World’s Most Extraordinary Libraries That Every Book Worm Will Love

This list covers the most impressive old and new libraries around the world!

Wounderland: Photos Of Grotesque Monsters Accompanied By Mounted Animals

Mothmeister is the Belgium-based couple behind these brilliantly creepy portraits of grotesque characters and their little companions – real mounted animals. They pose for their photos in extraordinary monster costumes and terrifying masks with all sorts of ghoulish details.

22 Of The Most Creative And Funny Scarf Designs

We'd like to show you 22 of the finest, weirdest, quirkiest, and, most importantly, original scarf designs out there.

29 Powerful Reactions From Cartoonists Around The World Honor The Victims Of The Charlie Hebdo Shooting

In order to pay their respects and honor the courage of the cartoonists and others lost at the Charlie Hebdo shooting, many other cartoonists created their own illustrations dedicated to the tragic event.
Latest entries

Tiny Church On A Tiny Island In Russia Gets More And More Beautiful Each Season

Apparently, if you really want to build a church, a hundred-square-meter island is enough. Designed by Andrey Rotinova (and thus named after his namesake apostle), this beautiful house of god was completed and consecrated in 2000.

26 Green Ideas That Bring Nature Into Your Home

When there’s no time to leave the city, you can have refreshing bits of nature inhabit your home instead. Take a look at 26 chlorophyll-infused ideas for how to fill your home with green oases.

Newest Canadian Passport Features Hidden Images Only Visible Under UV Light

The latest Canadian passport design, which was released in 2013, features amazing images that glow under UV light. The images are only vaguely visible in a daylight, but once you turn on a UV light, the beautiful sparkling images on the passport glow with energy.

Brothers Grimm-Inspired Landscape Photography By Kilian Schonberger

“Brothers Grimm‘s Wanderings“ is a new breathtaking photo series by German photographer Kilian Schönberger inspired by the gloomy tales of these legendary storytellers.

This Brilliant Beach House Seems To Float Above The Sea In Australia

The Australian F2 Architecture firm created a magnificent rental house on a beach in Southern Australia that seems to float above the sea. The illusions disappears, however, as soon as you walk away from the bridge that connects the house to the ground.

Chocolatexture: 9 Bricks Of Chocolate That Represent Japanese Words For Texture

When Japanese designer Oki Sato was nominated for Designer Of The Year by Maison et Objet, a French design show, he was asked to rethink the concept of chocolate and to create something new. He decided to explore how different textures of chocolate help us perceive its taste.

31 Rolls Of Undeveloped WWII Film By Anonymous Soldier Discovered And Processed

Levi Bettwieser is a passionate collector of old film rolls who was lucky enough to stumble upon 31 undeveloped rolls of film full of shots taken by a single unknown World War II soldier.

The Age Of Happiness: 60-And-Older Seniors Destroying Age Stereotypes

Modern Western society seems to value youth as the ultimate key to success and admiration, so it can be easy to feel uncomfortable about your inevitable old age.

23 Mind-Bending Paintings By Canadian Artist Rob Gonsalves

Rob Gonsalves is a famous Canadian artist whose works are recognizable for their magic realism and well-planned optical illusions. One image melts into another and comes back again full circle, playing with our minds by creating irrational dream worlds.

9 Disney Princesses Reimagined As Beautiful Indian Brides

These 9 gorgeous bridal gowns were created to prove that Disney princesses can be assimilated into Indian culture and inspire their ornate bridal wear.

Guy Photobombs Stock Images To Bring Them Closer to Reality

Matthew Vescovo photobombs stock images to give them a pinch of reality and, of course, to have a little fun with them.

Overly Complicated Light Switch Covers By Green Tree Jewelry

These wooden light switch plates seem to be almost impossible to use, but they are completely functional and could be small, stylish details in any home.