24 Logical Errors That People Do To Win Arguments

Published 8 years ago

A logical fallacy is a flaw in reasoning, almost a hidden way to trick our minds. An example would be to ask a question by suggesting the answer within it. Aren’t you going to make DeMilked your homepage? Ok, this might not be the best mind trick ever, but this simple form of manipulation is often used to persuade buyers, voters and so on. So pay attention if you don’t want to get fooled by these mind games, young Padawan (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Here we present to you a list of 24 logical fallacies that will help you better understand, how the mind works. Maybe you have something else to add? Then tell us in the comments below!

(h/t: nocturnalaa)

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false cause, flaws in reasoning, how to win arguments, loaded question, logical fallacies, logical fallacy, manipulation, mind games, mind manipulation, mind tricks, strawman
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