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Tiny Boxes With Hidden Surprise To Make Others Happy

Published 8 years ago

Do you need a little pick-me-up now and then? Then how about trying out one of these Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes? Made by Kim Welling, a 2D artist and illustrator living near Amsterdam, and sold on her web store, these are matchbox-sized bundles of instant joy.

Each of box features a drawing by Welling and a short phrase to make you feel better. There might be a dapper beagle with a bow tie telling you that you look beautiful today. Or a ship rocking over the waves with a tiny message: “Stormy weather will get better”. Keep it in your shirt pocket and whip it out for a cute instant mood boost.

Kim Welling does more than work with postcards and tiny boxes: she also spends time on3D art and installations like window displays or diorama boxes, and teaches illustration at the Utrecht Center for the Arts.

Of course, these tiny matchboxes of joy are her cutest work. Check it out on her Etsy!

More info: | Etsy | Facebook (h/t: designtaxi)

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You can find all these boxes on Etsy!

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