3D Printing Now Lets You Have Never-Before-Possible Geometric Faucets

Published 9 years ago

3D printing is the slow, expensive, rough textured future. And American Standard zooming towards it with their ‘DXV’ line of 3D printed metal faucets. Two of the faucet designs are made to instill mystery into water delivery by using several discrete channels instead of a single pipe while the third one enhances the “experience of water” via its innovative head. The faucets will cost $12.000 – $20.000 a pop.

The faucets were designed using fluid dynamics simulation software and printed in a 24-hour process using a 3D printing method called selective laser sintering. This means that a bed of metal powder is preheated and then fused (without actually melting it to liquid) via lasers.

The technology isn’t entirely new, but the adoption in the home market would be difficult: the laser consumes great amounts of power, and strict temperature control is required in manufacturing.

More info: americanstandard-us.com (h/t: designboom)

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