Artist Transforms Buildings Into Living Art By Painting 3D Murals (25 Pics)

Published 8 months ago

In the world of contemporary art, Dutch artist Leon Keer stands out as a visionary who turns ordinary buildings into captivating masterpieces through his unique and mesmerizing 3D murals. With a keen eye for detail and an innovative approach to street art, Keer has become a prominent figure in the international art scene.

Scroll below and explore the enchanting world of Leon Keer and his ability to breathe life into structures through his extraordinary paintings.

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Image source: leonkeer

Althea Whyte : “Dont rock the truck!”


Image source: leonkeer

Tessa : “Is love how the windows are incorporated in the design. Very convincing!”

LauraDragonWench : “I first thought the windows were part of the art as well – amazing talent!”


Image source: leonkeer

Kevin the Manager : “Can I get the doll that comes with rolls of Benjamins as an accessory? Please?”


Image source: leonkeer

BlitheSpirit : “Wonderfully executed, but my anxiety levels are now shooting up 😂”

Gabby M : “Painting on this scale has always amazed me!”


Image source: leonkeer

Kevin the Manager : “The world’s LARGEST violin? What kind of song does that play?”


Image source: leonkeer

Ronstantin : “First thought: Great timing – waiting for the wind to blow up his shirt AND catching the coins while falling … no, wait 🤔”


Image source: leonkeer

Angelica Whitefeather : “Gorgeous and spectacular 😍”


Image source: leonkeer

KombatBunni : “If only we could!”


Image source: leonkeer

Ronstantin : “Completely fell for it! Wow!”


Image source: leonkeer

Ronstantin : “I once tried to take that bottle, but the farmer doesn’t lego.”


Image source: leonkeer

WindySwede : “Marbleous!”

KiwiTriviaKween (She/Her) : “This takes me back to playing marbles at a prep school and winning a fiery red, yellow and white marble.”

Auntriarch : “So that’s where they got to”


Image source: leonkeer

Entity_unfound She/they/it : “What’s on TV?”

Confused State : “This is so awesome. But I do think it might bother me if I was physically there and walked to the other side of the painting only to find I couldn’t see the rest of the room. That would be a bit disconcerting. But dang this artist is good!!”


Image source: leonkeer

Gabby M : “Certainly colorful, hope it is a gambling city.”


Image source: leonkeer

Tessa : “Hard to see that the front pallet on the left is real!”

KiwiTriviaKween (She/Her) : “Clever satirical consumer culture art.”


Image source: leonkeer

Darian Starfrog : “This bothers me, but not because of the artistic talent, ..I wanna fix it up..”


Image source: leonkeer

Gabby M : “A picture within the picture.”

Ronstantin : “Really great! (But my brain hurts …)”


Image source: leonkeer

DEW : “The Green Giant’s fish aquarium!”


Image source: leonkeer

HipHop : “Here I’m zooming in to see what movies they watchin”


Image source: leonkeer

Kevin the Manager : “This one ROCKS!”


Image source: leonkeer

Hoover Darling : “The 🐻 is adorable! 💕”


Image source: leonkeer

Marcel Faas : “Den Helder, my hometown, and it is indeed pretty spectactular!”


Image source: leonkeer

yue chan : “Childhood memory”


Image source: leonkeer

DEW : “This is really pretty! Ok…I have figured out that in life you should have a plumber, a carpenter, a electrician and a painter/artist among your friends and family. I have none of them.”


Image source: leonkeer

Confused State : “This one is so sad.”


Image source: leonkeer

Bill Swallow : “The later Chinese emperors wised up and switched from fragile, breakable terra cotta to Lego warriors. When the enemy came in to give the Chinese army a stomping, they were in for a very, VERY rude awakening.”

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