People Are Sharing The Oldest And Most Interesting Things They Own (30 Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Almost everyone has heard their grandparents say “They don’t make ’em like they used to!” at some point in their lives – and for the most, they’re actually correct. That’s why a lot of people tend to hold onto things from “the good old days” – and proudly show them off as their biggest valuables.

The users of the r/Antiques subreddit are sharing the most interesting and unique old things that they own, and these items are truly fascinating. From Edwardian dresses to beautiful vintage furniture, check out a collection of things that stood the test of time in the gallery below!

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#1 I Snagged This Edwardian Dress Yesterday. It’s Just Too Stunning Not To Share

Image source: Raven0108

#2 The Lenox Spice Village. My Grandmother Bought This For Me 30 Years Ago And It Has Been In My Parents Storage Shed Until Now….

Image source: C0LSanders

#3 Picked Up A Victorian Style Cathedral Birdcage Today. It’s 7’ Tall With The Base! Never Seen One Like It

Image source: StopDropAndFrisk

#4 300 Year Old Library Tool That Enabled A Researcher To Have Seven Book Open At Once

Image source: Alexaalexa97

#5 An Old, Metal, Pocket-Sized Grocery List!

Image source: TheeLizzieBee

#6 My Dad Restored A 1929 Ford Model A After 40 Years Of Wait. We Helped Out Over The Course Of 3 Years, And I Edited This Photo To Make Us Looks Like 20s Gangsters

Image source: leroy_pylant

#7 A Pair Of Old Lamps I Found On Facebook Marketplace For Dirt Cheap. I Think They Look Pretty Neat In Our Victorian House, But My Fiancé Hates Em’ Lol.

Image source: EmperorOfAshes

#8 Hand Holding An Orange Door Knocker

Image source: Laterceej

#9 Just Showing Off My Desk. It’s A Beautiful Hunk Of Hungarian Oak, Previously A Farm House Table. It’s Used On A Daily Basis And So Just Giving It A Fresh Coat Of Wax To Keep Up With Its Maintenance

Image source: vintiquers

#10 Photographed In 1974, Freshly Excavated 2000-Year-Old Terracotta Warriors Still Showing The Original Color Scheme Before Rapid Deterioration

Image source: selinaj21

#11 Check Out My Latest Acquisition! ~1910 Tiffany Desk Pieces. Bronze And Abalone.

Image source: boilons

#12 I Typically Collect Contemporary Jewelry But Could Not Resist This Victorian Period Gilt Silver Brooch. It Was Made In Philadelphia And Dates To About 1880. The Detail And Construction Are Amazing To Me

Image source: crabnox

#13 There’s Something About A Jet Black Cartonnage Binding Lit Up With Golden Gilt And Highlighted With Flowering Designs. Something Great. The Book Is Le Manuscrit Bleu, 1848

Image source: Meepers100

#14 My Great-Great Grandfather Started A Plumbing Business In St. Paul, Mn In The 1880’s. I Just Inherited His Desk.

Image source: tenglempls

#15 My Grandmother Unfortunately Passed This Year. This Is Her Copy Of Alice In Wonderland I Inherited

Image source: basketcasey87

#16 Vendo 44 Vending Machine From The 50s. The Smallest Machine That Vendo Ever Made. Found At An Estate Sale!

Image source: TTVYoutubeYT

#17 My Seltzer Bottle Collection

Image source: collectorguy92

#18 Roman Tigress Cart Decoration – Found Metal Detecting In Norfolk UK

Image source: MidNorfolkSearcher

#19 Found This Wonderful 17th Century Doodle Inside A Bible I’m Restoring

Image source: SereneArchimedes

#20 1909 Wooden Koken Congress Restored

Image source: CBC-Houston

#21 I Doubt This Has Any Real Value But I Thought It Was Fun And Cool And For .25 Cents It Was Worth It!

Image source: BalooVanAdventures

#22 I Guess We’re Posting Our Uranium Glass Collections? Here’s Mine!

Image source: redbucket75

#23 1897-1898, First Edition, Edgar Allan Poe -Poems And Tales. Found It At A Used Book Store.

Image source: spongeboymib0b

#24 Anyone Have Any Info On This? It’s Been In My Family For A Very Long Time.

Image source: ishotJefK

#25 I’m Moving Into My First House And Snagged This Couch Off Fb Marketplace For $60. Kitty Approves!

Image source: WickettRed

#26 Art Deco Exit Sign

Image source: tenglempls

#27 This Silver Ww2 Naval Aviator Sweetheart Brooch I Found While I Was Metal Detecting A Few Months Ago Is Still My Favourite Piece

Image source: TTT334

#28 “To Miss J.g.k., To Whom This Cabinet Is Cheerfully Given, Hoping That She May Enjoy It As I Have Making It For Her. G.j.c Sept 14, 1926,” From A Note Written In Pencil On The Bottom Of This Cabinet I Brought Home Today (Ma/Nh)

Image source: comeonbabycoverme

#29 The First Gift My Great Grandfather Purchased For My Great Grandmother Nearly 100 Years Ago. Thought I’d Share.

Image source: unknowncoins

#30 Medicine Cabinet In One Of My Grandmas Rarely Used Bathrooms

Image source: techson7

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