30 Cool And Creative First Tattoos Shared By People Online

Published 3 years ago

Any activity could be exciting as well as nerve-trickling when it’s done for the first time. If you are going to use permanent ink on your body, you may get a little nervous about the choices you make. The most important part, obviously,  is choosing a design that represents you or your story. The tattoo first-timers usually spend a good amount of time researching on the internet or creating their own unique design.

Here, we have gathered 30 amazing first-time tattoos shared by various people online. Most of them are simple (For the first time, the simpler, the better!) but very creative and interesting. So, if you are thinking about inking your body for the first time, scroll below to get some great ideas that might inspire you.

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#1 Autumn Leaves

Image source: inspirationtattoo

#2 Blue Birds

Image source: mini_tattooer

#3 A Galaxy

Image source: obi1.0

#4 My First Tattoo. Creation Of Adam

Image source: BreathesFreely

#5 Tattoo Under UV

Image source: MrMemeFirst

#6 Dinosaur Family

Image source: east_01

#8 Siblings Tattoo

Image source: tattoobabystuttgart

#9 An Elephant

Image source: tattooist_banul

#10 A Dragonfly

Image source: _fraudi_

#11 Flower Ring

Image source: haeyum.o_o

#12 My First Major Tattoo! It’s My Pup Bentley

Image source: lolidkimjustakitten

#13 Scar Cover-Up

Image source: Yulinka17

#14 A Minimalist Bracelet

Image source: Bicem Sinik

#15 Some Patchwork

Image source: DoYouLikeFishSticks_

#16 Vines

Image source: handitrip

#17 Small Branch

Image source: heeyajenny

#18 Tattooed Some New Brows On A Client With Alopecia

Image source: lynneasomething

#19 A Small Painting. Les Coquelicots (Monet) By La Fragile At White Whale Tattoo Society (Padua, Italy)

Image source: mrcrs

#20 A Hedgehog

Image source: haeyum.o_o

#21 Spilled Coffee

Image source: guugaa9

#22 Paper Plane

Image source: Magnetron85

#23 A Collar Bone Snake

Image source: nyinkstudio.914

#24 My Latest Tattoo, Winnie The Pooh And Friends By Ashley June At 522 Tattoo Just North Of Seattle

Image source: Acymru

#25 A Seal

Image source: buoythefishlover

#26 Decided To Get My First Tattoo On My 23rd! Thanks Ty! (Kindhand Tattoo/Menomonie)

Image source: dunham-doodles

#27 Teach A Man To Fish… Then Tattoo His Leg

Image source: FreshlyCutGrass976

#28 A Snowflake

Image source: pt78tattoo

#29 Calvin And Hobbes

Image source: thebeeink

#30 Pine Trees

Image source: leehumphs_tattooer

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