Cat Ear Headphones With External Speakers Take Indiegogo By Storm

Published 10 years ago

Two UC Berkeley alumni came up with unique headphones that fuse style, functionality, and sociability together in one product – shining Cat Ear Headphones. These eye-catching headphones feature cat-ear-shaped external speakers, bright LED lights on the sides and the speakers, a 40 mm driver with 20 Hz to 20 KHz frequency response, a removable USB charging and 3.5 mm Jack with mic included, and over-the-ears cushions. The headphones come in blue, purple, green, and red.

You can find out more about the headphones on Axent Wear’s Indiegogo page, where they are raising funds to make their innovation a reality. Judging by their great results, the headphones are definitely going to hit the market.

More info: | Indiegogo (h/t: lustik)

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