30 Amazingly Detailed Full-Back Tattoos

Published 5 years ago

Tattoos can be pretty badass, especially if they’re skillfully done – and back tattoos are no exception. There’s only one small catch – you’re the only person who cannot fully see it. However, this fact doesn’t stop people from getting awesome full-back tattoos.

From abstract patterns and shapes to whole nautical scenes, check out the incredibly detailed full-back tattoos that people got in the gallery below! And if you want more tattoo inspiration, see out previous posts about scar cover-up and embroidery tattoos here and here!

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#1 One More Session For Touch-Ups And Highlights

Image source: deranhall

#2 Back Piece

Image source: _intat

#3 Incredible Back Tattoo

Image source: raphcemo

#4 Nautical Back Tattoo

Image source: kapustattoo

#5 Amazing Piece Of Art

Image source: deranhall

#6 Freehand Back Piece

Image source: versusink

#7 Amazing 3D Back Tattoo

#8 Total Of 14/15 Hours Of Work

Image source: andrefelipetattoos

#9 Floral Composition, Done In 2 Sessions

Image source: pissaro_tattoo

#10 After 3 Years Of Pain, Patience, Expenses, Travels, Hard Work Finally We Did It! Thanks To My Client For All These Years

Image source: augis_art_official

#11 Amazing Back Ink

Image source: juncha

#12 Beautiful Full Back Tattoo

Image source: raphcemo

#13 Cute Dots

Image source: dotstolines

#14 Cat-Fish Back Piece

Image source: fredao_oliveira

#15 Chinese Tattoo Design

Image source: hengyue_newassassin_tattoo

#16 Impressive Detailed Full Back Tattoo

Image source: tattoomikeschoten

#17 I Had Such An Honor To Make This Piece

Image source: dotstolines

#18 Stunning Dot Work

Image source: peaches_ink_

#19 Really Impressive Work

Image source: kasasink

#20 Grim Full Back Piece

Image source: gara_tattooer

#21 Beautiful Back Tattoo

Image source: wow_tattoo6

#22 Back Ink Masterpiece

Image source: arang_eleven

#23 Book Illustrations Coming Live In This Back Piece

Image source: mirifrank

#24 Deer And Magnolia Flowers. Done In Two Sessions

Image source: pissaro_tattoo

#25 Full Back Line Art Tattoo

Image source: dotstolines

#26 Detailed Back Piece

Image source: patrykchybowski

#27 Amazing Back Piece

Image source: lilyloulou

#28 Elegant Line Art On Back

Image source: dotstolines

#29 Impressive Rose Tattoo

Image source: kellyviolence

#30 Gorilla Baby

Image source: flutterbytattoo

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